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Festive, Easy to Make Holiday Party Snacks

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Preparing festive holiday party snacks does not mean you need to devote hours and hours in the kitchen. Plus, if you take our advice, you will not only save time, you will save money because you are portion controlling your food. The key is investing in some fun serving pieces like mini cocktail glasses, mini moscow mule cups, and even some ceramic Asian spoons you can use over and over again. Once you have a few of these basics, you can make the simplest of foods look festive and elegant. We have also checked, and all the serving piece suggestions we mention here are still available for delivery before Christmas although you may have to pay a little extra for expedited delivery.

Festive Easy to Make Holiday Party Snacks
Festive Easy to Make Holiday Party Snacks >> Festive Easy to Make Holiday Party Snacks >>Fruit Santa Hats or Grinch Kabobs | Cocktails in Mini Moscow Mule Mugs | Christmas deviled eggs on a devil egg tray | Macaroni & Cheese in Mini Martini Glasses | Fully loaded mini baked potatoes | Shrimp in an Asian soup spoon

Festive, Easy to Make Holiday Party Snacks

About the Featured  Holiday Party Snacks

For a festive, modern twist on old fashioned foods, serve family favorites as small bites. These fully loaded mini baked potatoes require boiling the potatoes and stuffing them with butter, sour cream, chives and bacon. Not much could be easier than that except maybe whipping up some macaroni & cheese and placing a single scoop in a mini cocktail glass.

Deviled eggs look so much classier when served in a devil egg tray made especially for them. (Personally, we would probably keep the eggs yellow and maybe add red flowers or little cherry tomatoes in the middle.) Rather than trying to arrange shrimp in a bowl or on a platter and have it look good throughout the day, serve each shrimp individually on top of a small dollop of cocktail sauce in a ceramic Asian soup spoon. This way you do not have to buy as many shrimp either, since your guests will not be eating them like popcorn.

Speaking of popcorn, pop some up, add a little grated parmesan cheese and maybe a dash of pepper and paprika and serve in scalloped red & white stripe cupcake baking cups. Finally, serve your favorite winter cocktails (or even soul warming hot soup) in Mini Moscow Mules Mugs accessorized with candy canes & red & white striped straws.  And if you have a little extra time or some youngsters itching to help, skewer some strawberries, bananas and grapes onto a toothpick and top them off with mini-marshmallows.

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