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Holiday Gift for a Cause

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Looking for the perfect holiday gift?  How about a beautiful, meaningful, trendy bracelet that benefits a good cause? is offering a line of leather wrap bracelets that top our holiday favorites list.

Wrap2gether Bracelet

This picture fails to capture the full charm of the bracelet since most of the Swarovski crystals are on the top side of the bracelet.  This view, highlighting the dwennimmen toggle,  is the wrist side.

Wrap2gether bracelets are original, handmade, leather wrap bracelets, dotted with Swarovski crystals, and fastened together with a custom designed dwennimmen toggle, the African symbol of strength, humility wisdom and learning.  Customers can choose between pink and blue crystals or blue and purple crystals or the bracelets can be customized.  All profits benefit Mancona International School, Odumase-Krobo, Ghana and  JustWorld International, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization devoted to raising awareness and funds in the equestrian community for positive change in the developing world..  These bracelets can be ordered directly from

A little about

Wrap2gether is a non-profit social benefit organization dedicated to global education and social justice by creating cross-cultural relationships through strength, humility, wisdom, and learning.

In addition to the Wrap2gether Bracelets, recent Wrap2gether projects include:

Gift of Dreams Campaign

Collected and shipped over 700 books to Mancona International School, Ghana


Networking with local corporations to explore the possibility of bringing wireless technology to Mancona International School.

Adopt Mancona Campaign

Continuing effort to encourage local  elementary schools to adopt Mancona international School as their sister school.

Wrap2gether Phonics Series

Knowledge in rural Africa is often passed from generation to generation through rote recitation rather than through the art of reading. Wrap2gether believes reading enables students to become self-reliant learners. With most education research indicating cultural respect empowers student learning, we sought culturally relevant early readers. Finding none, the founder of Wrap2gether wrote and illustrated a phonics series designed to highlight Ghana’s landscape. Although highly stylized, each page features children with smiling brown faces dressed in their adorable pink and blue uniforms, set amidst the familiar setting of their own schoolyard. In the background, a butterfly-filled tree and rising sun symbolize promise and hope. By respecting and validating the students’ own experiences, Wrap2gether hopes to motivate further learning and build cross-cultural trust.



Current beneficiaries:

Mancona International School

Mancona International School is located about 2 hours outside of Acca, Ghana, in Odumase-Krobo,  a community with few resources but filled with joyful song, immense insight, and inspiring hopefulness.


Vincent Mensah, Principal

Mancona International School

PO Box 133

Odumase-Krobo, Ghana Eastern Region

Click here  for more information about Mancona International School.

JustWorld International

Just World International

JustWorld International acts as a catalyst for positive change in the developing world by working with local partner organizations to provide basic education, nutrition, health, hygiene, and vocational programs for children in impoverished communities in Honduras, Cambodia, Guatemala, Brazil, and Senegal.

JustWorld International works through the international equestrian community and its extensive networks to fund and sustain programs that provide basic needs to children with little opportunity to receive support from other sources.

Click here for more information on JustWorld International

Party Hearty!

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