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Smiley Face :) Happy Face Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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Smiley Face 🙂 Happy Face Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies 

Smiles, smiles everywhere. A smiley face party theme is sure to make everyone smile — a charming and fun party theme for all ages.

Smiley Face. Happy Face Party Invitations and Stamps

Choosing your invitation is the equivalent of the title of a paper … it sets the tone for the entire party!

Smiley Face invitationHappy Face Party Invitations

Happy Face Invitations

Smiley Face. Happy Face Party Table Linens

Be Happy! With this theme your options are limitless. Your final decision should be based on two factors: the physical characteristics of the event room and your daughter’s personal style.

If you are hosting a simple and low key luncheon you might consider yellow and white check linens. Even simpler? Stick to yellow or black cloths with yellow check napkins. If you want to add some punch with lots of color, consider Warhol Roses as your primary linen, yellow lamour as your coordinating linen and chair covers, and then accent with black chair ties. Be sure to also check out the Black & White Pucci Linen. Again, use yellow lamour as your coordinating linen.

Chair Covers

Just a note on chair covers: chair covers may not be necessary if the chairs supplied are fairly neutral and in ok condition. In fact, I tend to not use chair covers at any of my personal parties. Having said that, if your budget permits, the overall look of certain rooms is enhanced if chair pads are used. Choose one of your accent colors.

Or even better, place a smiley face t-shirt over each chair with the design facing outward. Pair with a yellow and white checked tablecloth for a great, happy look.

The t-shirts can double as room decor and party favors. There is a huge selection of shirts at Zazzle.

 Happy Face Basic T-Shirt  Happy Face Basic Dark T-Shirt

Happy Face Basic T-Shirt | Happy Face Basic Dark T-Shirt

Don’t forget to include your place card table, your gift table, buffet tables, and any ceremonial tables when determining your linen count. Also, if you chose to use more ornate linens, do not use them for the cocktail hour; they will have a greater impact as your guests enter the dining room.

Smiley Face. Happy Face Party Centerpieces

Smiles are guaranteed when this bright yellow happy faced mug carrying a cheerful bouquet of daisies and roses . Another option is to use three of these smiley faces down the center of a long table. Fill with a few white and yellow daisies or white daisies and yellow roses.

Be Happy Flower Bouquet

Be Happy Bouquet

 Smiley Face Planter Candy Dish  Pink Smiley Face Planter

Smiley Face Planter | Pink Smiley face Planter

If your party room is particularly drab, or has high ceilings, or just needs a little more to fill it in, consider flying these smiley face balloons from your centerpieces. Be sure to make them high enough to serve their purpose and to not block your guests' table views.

Add some cute smiley dolls or wind up toys to your table.

Smiley Face. Happy Face Party Paper Goods

Smiley Face. Happy Face Party Table Decor

More Smiley Face Table Decorations

Party Idea Pros love these happy antenna balls. Consider using them as party favors/table decor or as place cards. Add a colored straw topped off with a Happy Ball Antenna to each guest's water glass. Write your guest of honor’s name and party date on the bottom of the antenna ball.

Smiley Face Antenna Toppers


Antenna Toppers | Yellow Straws

Use a fine point or paint marker to write your guests’ names on your place cards. How adorable is this? Use a happy face antenna topper to direct guests to their tables. Consider using a different happy ball to represent each table. Write your guests names and table numbers on yellow craft sticks. Insert one end of stick in bottom of ball and the other end in a yellow take out container filled with yellow sand. Put three sticks in each container. Your place card tag definitely doubles as your party favor

Smiley Face Menus

Hand print your menu on these adorable smiley face note pads. While you are at it, include a thank you note.

Smiley Face Notepads

Smiley Face Note Pad

Smiley Face. Happy Face Party Napkin Rings & Place Cards

These charming key rings can double as napkins rings and party favors.

Each one of these place cards are cuter than the other … any choice you make will be great! Write your guests' names in coordinating Sharpie color.

My daughter found these mini beach balls and insisted I offer them as an inexpensive, simple but playful option for the place cards and/or just to be scattered around the centerpieces. Just lay them directly on your place card table.


Mini Inflatable Smile Face Beach Balls

Smiley Face. Happy Face Party Favors

Remember party games, napkin rings and place card holders can all double as party favors!

 Smiley Face Backpack Charm  Individually Wrapped Smiley Cookies

Smiley Face Backpack Charm | Individually Wrapped Smiley CookiesSmiley Face Lollipops

(We sometimes like to tuck lollipops into a nicely folded napkin to add that extra something to our table settings)

Smiley Face. Happy Face Party Candy Molds

 Smiley Face Ice Mold   Happy Face Sucker Mold

Smiley Face Molds

Smiley Face. Happy Face Party Fun and Entertainment

Sometimes the simplest games are the most fun! Send a smiley ball or game home as a party favor. Keep it simple. See how long you can keep a smiley face beach ball in the air. 🙂

  Smiley Face Playing Cards  Smiley Bubbles

Smiley Face Playing Cards | Smiley Face Bubbles

    Smiley Paddleball Games   Smiley Face Tic Tac Toe Games

Smiley Paddleball Game | Smiley Face Tic Tac Toe Games

We always love to end all children's parties with the breaking of the piñata!

 Smiley Face Pinata  Happy Face Pinata

Smiley Face Pinatas

Smiley Face. Happy Face Party Welcome & Hostess Gifts

Occasionally, great friends and loving relatives will fly or drive long distances to be able to celebrate with you. Welcome them in style with these lovely gifts. Be sure to include 2 water bottles. Or order one of these smiley gift towers to bring with you as thank you / hostess gift to a Smiley Face Party

Smiley Face Gift Towers, Smiley Face. Happy Face Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies  Smiley Face Gift Towers

Toss some Smiley Face Wrapped Buttermint Creams on your table instead of confetti. And yes, smiley face confetti works too.

Include a welcome letter, weekend itinerary, and directions from the hotel to each event. Cut the paper into 7 x 3 strips. Place in pencil case, attached together with smiley paper clips.

 Vinyl Smile Face Pencil Pouch   Smiley Paper Clips

Smiley Face Vinyl Pencil Case | Smiley Paper Clips | Fine Linen Paper

Freshening Baskets/ Emergency Kits

Use a non-traditional tray to display sample sized essentials. Place in powder rooms. Or use on buffet table!   

Smile Face Unique DIY Trays

Smile Face Unique DIY Trays – Smiley Face License Plate >>A Perfect Tray for your Essentials | Smiley Paddleball Game – Simply snip off the balls and use to display your essentials

Party Hearty!

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