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Celebrate the Happy Couple! Throw a Bride & Groom Shower

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Happy Couple Bride & Groom Balloon Decor Kit

Happy Couple Shower >> Bride & Groom Balloon Decor Kit

Celebrate the Happy Couple! Throw a Bride & Groom Shower!

Leave it to our friends to come up with the best ideas! Today Hanna texted. She is hosting a bridal shower and was thinking about skipping a theme and just celebrating the happy couple. Her concept is to use jumbo bride and groom caramel apples for the table centerpieces. She will probably display them on a pretty pedestal cake plate set amidst scattered flower petals. And of course, will add a petal or two to the plate itself to tie it all together.

Bride and Groom Jumbo Caramel Apples

We immediately remembered that Mrs Prindables offers really cute bride and groom jumbo caramel apples. How perfect is that.

As for the cake plate, these 10″ metal cake stands would be perfect! And we love that they come in so many colors. Either mix and match or choose a plate to coordinate with the rest of the bridal shower decor.

Bride & Groom Party Favors

Next we went searching for coordinating party favors. Our first stop, Beau-coup, of course. And as usual, they did not disappoint us. Beau-coup is pretty much always running a sale so if you are patient you check every day or so you can probably score 25% OFF. Sales are always posted on the top of the site.

Celebrate the Happy Couple Party Favors

Celebrate the Happy Couple Party Favors >> Oreos, Brownie Pops, Cookie Pops & Delicious Butter Cookies

If you are more the DIY type, these bride and groom favor boxes and bags make perfect packaging for homemade goodies!

Tuxedo and Wedding Dress Table Decorations

Wouldn't it be fabulous to serve your drinks in these darling tuxedo and wedding gown bottle sleeves? You can serve beer or even DIY with these empty home brewing beer bottles filled with your beverage of choice.

Add to the total look by designate a seat for both the bride-to-be and groom-to-be. You can even add a small little sign that hangs off the glitter sign saying “to be”.

Celebrate the Happy Couple Shower Invitations

We still think there is nothing like the perfect invitation to set the tone for any special occasion!

Happy Couple Shower Games

Truthfully, we are not so into the whole game playing thing at bridal showers but we do like to be prepared, just in case the party starts to drag a bit. Here are a few printable party games that highlight the happy couple.


And we had to figure out a way to use these darling bride and groom “kissing” clothes pins. We searched around and found that there is actually a bridal shower game called the clothespin game. Basically, it is a game the whole group plays throughout the party. Give each guest a few clothes pins when they enter the party. Then announce a list of 4-5 forbidden words. They can be anything you want but we recommend choosing words you think will be hard to avoid. You know your guests best but you may want to include wedding related words, cuss words, or even topics like “my kids”. If a guest catches anyone uttering a taboo word, she can commandeer all of the offender's clothespins and add them to her collection. The guest with the most impressive array of clothespins at the end of the shower wins a prize.

WAIT! we just thought of another use for these clothespins. Would they not make the most adorable place card holders!

Just one last though. We think this concept will work equally well whether you are hosting a traditional gals only bridal shower or an increasingly popular couples shower.

Party Hearty!

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