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Hanukkah Dinosaur Menorahs

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OMG! Ok, these Dinosaur menorahs may not be strictly Kosher (because the candles are not in a straight line) but they check both the unique and absolutely fabulous boxes! Here is the kicker, you need to order them TODAY, or if not today, very soon for them to arrive in time for Chanukah.  This year, 2023, Hanukkah begins the night of December 7th! Most of these menorahs will ship in 2-3 weeks but as we get closer to Chanukah, and the word about these dinosaur menorahs starts to get out, our gut is that they will get swamped with orders and/or sell out quickly. Afterall, what dinosaur obsessed child would not want their very own dino menorah! And yes, we are definitely adding these to our Hanukkah posts.

Hanukkah Dinosaur Menorahs

If your child is truly obsessed with dinosaurs, you might want to check out everything dinosaur on (no you do not have to wear matching dinosaur clothing, but you can!) There are also tons of games and activities for you and your child to engage in together and of course, you can always throw a dinosaur theme party.

Currently this is the only dinosaur menorah still available. Buy it now!!!!

All of the rest of these are currently sold out! Sorry

We found one more and had to share! This Etsy shop owner used classic Lego & Duplo bricks to build a useable, kosher Chanukah menorah. Brass coated candle holders are screw-fastened in the front row. The dinosaur can actually be removed and played with as a regular toy. However, the *bBones are glued onto the baseplate, and are not removable. This set includes a T-Rex Lego and comes with official building instruction manual(s). Also included is one box of disposable, mini candle holders to last the entire 8 nights of Hanukkah.

Lego Dinosaur Menorah
Lego Dinosaur Menorah.

Dinosaur Menorah Wear

We cannot believe we actually found dinosaur menorah t-shirts to wear as you light your dinosaur menorah!

Party Hearty!

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