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Halloween Costume Exchange Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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Costume Exchange Party Invitation

Halloween Costume Exchange Party

Halloween Costume Exchange Party

In times of economic uncertainty, many of us are cutting expense yet looking for creative ways to maintain a full and vibrant life style. For years, Americans have gone all out for Halloween celebrations often sparing no expense in assembling frighteningly elaborate costumes and accessories.  There is really no need for Halloween 2018 to be the year of the ghost.  Re-fold your old sheets and get ready to double your fun. In addition to your annual Halloween party festivities, host a pre-Halloween or even last minute pre-trick or treating costume exchange party.

Nerd Costume <—–>Steampunk Costume

Colorful Fuzzy Monster Costume<—–>teen zombie costume

baby lion costume<—–>Baby golfer costume

A successful costume exchange party needs rules.

  • All costumes must be clean and in wearable condition
  • Costumes must be rip and stain free, with working zippers, no missing buttons,  etc.
  • Costumes should be neatly hung on hangars, clearly labeled with costume name and size,  with all accessories neatly bundled in a clear, large, labeled  ziplock bag and attached to the hangar with the costume.
  • Some people skip the hangars and have guests simply place their costumes in piles on tables like at a garage sale. Personally, this organization style is way to chaotic for our tastes.
  • If possible spread out – place women's costumes in one room, children's costumes in another, men's costume's in a third room, and random accessories such as boas, shoes, jewelry in a seperate area
  • Guests are entitled to a 1:1 exchange by area
  • ie. Contribute 1 children's costume, take 1 children's costume. Bringing 3 boas does NOT entitle you to take 3 women's costumes, just 3 accessories.

What you need to host a Halloween Costume Exchange Party

Halloween Costume Exchange Party Invitations

Most  Halloween invitations can be customized although we do recommend choosing an invitation that showcases a variety of costume ideas.  Here are a few of our favorites but be sure to check out Party Idea Pros Halloween  Party Invitations for a peek at more of our favorite Halloween invitations. Many of the invitations come in a variety of colors but since this is not the actual Halloween Party, maybe choose  colors other than black and orange for your costume exchange gathering.  Personalize them to clearly announce this is a costume exchange party.

green halloween invitationthree trick or treaters invitation

costume party halloween invitation  green halloween invite   
Monster Bash Halloween Party Invitations – Light Pear | Ladybug, Fish and Alligator Costume Party Invitations – Lavender | Costume Party Halloween Invites | Costume Party Halloween Party Invitation

Super Hero, Witch & Angel Halloween Party Invitations      
Super Hero, Witch & Angel Halloween Party Invitations

And for last minute invites, we really like Greenvelope. Although not free, their invitations are also not filled with advertisement. Their saying >> Save Time. Save Trees. Save Money. And how we love savings!


Keep the party simple.  Remember the goal here is to save, not spend money!

Halloween Costume Exchange Party Supplies, Food and Drink

Stick to Apple Cider, hot or cold and some Halloween cookies or cupcakes and maybe some healthier finger food alternatives like vegetables and red pepper hummus dip.  All you really need are  the dessert plates and napkins from the party kits featured. Save the rest of your holiday decor for your actual Halloween Party!  The costumes themselves will serve as decoration.

Halloween Party Supplies
Halloween Party Supplies 

Halloween Cookies & TreatsHalloween Cookies & Treats | DIY with Wilton Halloween Cookie Cutters

Costume Exchange Supplies

Consider dividing the costs between all participants.  Even if  it costs each family $20.00 it is still way less expensive than purchasing or even making new costumes for the entire family!

Tripod Clothes RackDouble Rail Adjustable Telescopic Rolling Clothing and Garment Rack
Clothes Racks

Be sure to also provide some extra ziplock baggies, sharpies, and a plenty of costume tags (basically hole punched strips of paper with a short string that guests can slip over their hangers to identify their costume ( ie lion, sexy snow white, or zombie) and its size.  (Men's large, women's medium, teen 6, child 2)

Party Hearty!

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