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Budget Friendly Guest Bedroom Makeover

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Budget Friendly Guest Bedroom Makeover

Summer is finally here and with it comes a barrage of house guests and constant entertaining. We love it but it does take a bit of effort, preparation, and a reasonable budget. In fact, we are always surprised at how much it actually costs to host friends and relatives. In addition to the basics, such as stocking the fridge with fresh vegetables and produce, most summers, just before our guests begin to arrive we inevitably seem to find ourselves in desperate need of fresh towels or sheets or even a shower curtain. And of course, we are always searching for that little something special that will freshen the guest room up and help transform it from fine to fabulous.

For many years we resisted the idea of a luggage rack (mostly because it was my mother-in-law that highly recommended it) but we finally relented and have to admit, it was a really nice, practical addition to our guest room. Over the years we have also invested in his and her robes and this year are finally dumping the plastic drawers for real end tables. #abouttime. We try to keep the room fairly neutral with a classic gray duvet but like to add pops of color in unexpected places.

Guest Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Truthfully, most years our budget dictates how we pull it all together. Our first stop is always The Company Store's Clearance Center. We started with the Meridian Accent Tables since they were reduced from $239 to $70 and would give us that pop of color that worked perfectly with the elephant pillow (yes, we are definitely into all things elephant this year!).  After that we just began searching the entire store for all the extras.  We liked both the Sienna Accent Tables and the Hayden Single Drawer Table, both on sale, but although we really wanted the drawer we decided to save a few dollars and went with the $80.00 tables so we could spring for the small soho vase and lavender talisman tin candle

The Company Store #AllAboutMakeovers Photo Contest

Now here is the kicker. Since you are going to make the updates anyway, we highly recommend buying at least one item from The Company Store and then taking a photo of your finished room. Now share that photo or another photo of a room in your house that has undergone some redecorating (featuring at least one of The Company Store’s products) using the hashtag #AllAboutMakeovers on Facebook or Instagram. Finally, get everyone you know to vote for you because the room with the most votes will win a $500 gift card from the Company Store! Pretty simple, eh?!

Oh wait – one more perk >> Just for entering the contest, all participants receive a code for 15% off + free shipping on their next order!!! So even if you do not need anything else for your makeover, you can use the discount code to buy the cutest family matching pajamas at Christmas time. (In all seriousness, our friends over at MomMeMatch tell us that The Company Store holiday PJs flew off the shelves this year since they are so so cute!) And they are on sale now so even if you decide not to enter the contest, plan ahead and buy those Christmas jammies NOW!

Party Hearty!

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