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Groupon Getaways Making Travel Affordable

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Groupon Getaways: A Great Way to Make Honeymoons and Destination Weddings Affordable

Groupon Getaways Making Travel Affordable

A Great Way to Make Honeymoons,Destination Weddings, and Summer Travel Affordable


As my husband and I sat here thinking about planning a last minute summer getaway with our grown kids, I decided to check Groupon Getaways and although we still have no idea if and when we can make this work, just glancing through the possibilities inspired us.  And since so many of our friends are starting to plan their weddings for next spring and summer, I thought why not share this exciting find again.  Enjoy dreaming!

Party Idea Pros just received an email from Groupon promoting its new special Groupon Getaways and although it took us a bit, we finally had that eureka moment. These Getaway Groupons can make an otherwise unaffordable destination wedding or honeymoon very doable. Here's the catch — you need to be able to mobilize the decision making process and and get your hands on the funds quickly, often in less than a week, and you absolutely must carefully read and be comfortable with all the fine print and details. Don't think you will be able to finagle a roll-away bed if the details say roll-away unavailable. Black out dates are common, and reservations are often subject to availability, so you need to be flexible with your dates. You may even want to do a quick (or use our other favorite travel portal search to check on availability prior to purchasing the Groupon. You will also want to check airfare pricing and airfare availability prior to purchasing your Groupon. Even with a good deal on the hotel package, the cost to get to your idyllic location may be prohibitively high.

Most importantly, Party Idea Pros highly recommends doing your own research about the property prior to to purchasing your Groupon. Do not take the hand selected reviews in the side bar as the last word — take your time and do the research so you are not setting yourself up for disappointment. If you are on your honeymoon and will only be happy with a luxurious king bed, take it from me, you will be disappointed if you get to your destination and discover that your Groupon deal comes with two double beds only. On the other hand, a 4 night stay in an eco-friendy hotel room with a view of the rainforest even without the king bed may well be worth the $1199 Groupon Getaway deal price.

Our bottom line

Groupon Getaway deals are definitely worth exploring and monitoring. You never know if and when your dream destination will show up as a Groupon Getaway for 50% off or more!

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