Gingerbread Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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Gingerbread Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

A gingerbread party is a playful theme for most holiday and winter parties, including high school winter formals, greek events, sweet sixteen parties, quinceanera celebrations, and family reunions. And of course, it is the absolute perfect theme for an annual cookie swap party!


Before you even begin to plan your gingerbread theme party, get in the mood with this adorable Pixar video


Pixar Animations – Cookie Blues

Gingerbread Theme Party Invitations

Choosing your invitation is the equivalent of the title of a paper … it sets the tone for the entire party!

             Gingerbread Man Holiday Cookie Swap Party Invitations   Oh Snap Gingerbread Man Holiday Cookie Exchange Party Invitation
Gingerbread Party | Oh Snap

Candyman Gingerbread Man Cookies Holiday Party Invitations  Sugary Swap Gingerbread Man Holiday Party Invitations

Candyman Cookie Invitation | Sugary Swap

Another option is to attach a strip of paper with the details of your party to these lollipops. Be sure to use the Gingerbread Man Art Border available on most Word programs.

Gingerbread Swirl Pops

Yummy Gingerbread Man Swirl Pops

Holiday Cards + Gingerbread Theme 

 gingerbread man holiday photo cards   Gingerbread Man Holiday Cards

Gingerbread HolidaysCute Gingerbread Man Holiday Cards

You Can’t Catch Me I’m the Gingerbread Man Holiday Cards     Gingerbread Home For The Holidays Business Holiday Cards

You Can’t Catch MeGingerbread Home For The Holidays Business Holiday Cards

Return Address Stamp and Embosser

Three Gingerbread Men Custom Stamp          Gingerbread Scallop Custom Stamp

Three Gingerbread Men Custom Stamp | Gingerbread Scallop Custom Stamp

Don't Forget the Stamp!

 gingerbread man postage  christmas gingerbread house postage   Santa Gingerbread Man Postage

Gingerbread Man PostageChristmas Gingerbread House | Santa Gingerbread Man Postage

Gingerbread Party Decor

Stumps Prom and Party has a great Gingerbread Castle and Gingerbread Arch which you might consider using if you have a need for large and impactful decor.

       Frosted Holiday Castle   Gingerbread Arch

Frosted Holiday Castle | Gingerbread Arch

    Sugar Plum Kit

Sugar Plum Fairy Kit 

Add Gingerbread Theme Balloons!

Gingerbread House Balloon    Gingerbread House Balloon

Gingerbread House Balloons

Themed Gingerbread Home & Table Decor

Holiday Gingerbread Baker Serving Tray    Gingerbread Ornaments

Holiday Gingerbread Baker Serving TrayChristmas Gingerbread Ornaments

Gingerbread Light Set

Gingerbread Light Set

Gingerbread Toys and Treats Christmas Treeskirt          Gingerbread Man Christmas Paper Dessert Plates

Christmas Gingerbread TreeskirtGingerbread Man Christmas Paper Dessert Plates

Gingerbread Boy Platter   gingerbread boy cheese board

 Christmas Gingerbread Boy Platter |  Holiday Gingerbread boy cheese board

Gingerbread Party Favors

 Mini Holiday Gingerbread Man Brownie Favor Pop      Gingerbread Man Holiday Cookie Party Favor

Mini Holiday Gingerbread Man Brownie Favor Pop | Holiday Cookie Favors

Edible Gingerbread Creations

Make your Own Gingerbread Kits and Supplies

DIY Gingerbread Kits

DIY Gingerbread Kits

How to build a Gingerbread House

 The Gingerbread Architect    How to Build a Gingerbread House   Making Great Gingerbread Houses

How2 Build a Gingerbread House Books

Gingerbread Men and Women Cookie Cutters, Molds, and Mixes
Gingerbread Boy Cookie Cutters           Gingerbread Boy Cake Pan

Christmas Gingerbread Theme Goodies

  Merry Christmas Gingerbread Man Cookies      

Holiday Gingerbread Men Cookies

Gingerbread Theme Entertainment and Fun and Games

gingerbread man blinky

Flashy Blinky Light Gingerbread Man Blinkys 

Gingerbread Man Pinatas

The Gingerbread Man Piñata

Hire actors or talk a few friends into dressing as Hansel and Gretel or a gingerbread man and milling about with your guests.

Hansel Adult Costume    Gretel Costume

Hansel | Gretel

Gingerbread Man Costume          Gingerbread Man Head Bopper

 The Gingerbread Man Costume | Gingerbread Man Head Bopper


Bring back memories of childhood … set up a few Candy Land games around your room and don't be too surprised at just how many smiles you will elicit and how many of your guests actually end up playing the game.

 Candy Land Board Game

Candy Land Game

The Gingerbread Boy

No Gingerbread theme party would be complete if we didn't reference one of my all time favorite children's books. It is the perfect focal point for a school holiday party!
 The Gingerbread Boy    The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School  The Gingerbread Kid Goes to School

Gingerbread Boy | The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School | Gingerbread Kid Goes to School

 Make the Day Last a Lifetime


Photo Memory Book

Don’t let this memorable day fade away with the setting sun. The next day, when all is still fresh, log onto Shutterfly to create photo books, memory calendars, and even photo thank you notes or create a 5×7 photo card announcing the day, time, and location of your next celebration.

Photo Books | Calendars | Photo Gifts | 3-Ring Binder Photo Pages

 Holiday Recipe Binder    Gingerbread Binder …

Holiday Recipe Binder  | Oh Snap! Gingerbread Man Personalized Recipe Book

Finally – we have to share this adorable 10 Days of Yoga graphic posted by our partners over at Gaiam.

10 days of Yoga, Christmas, gingerbread

PIP’s Holiday Tip – The holiday season can be stressful.  Remember to exercise, eat healthy (avoid sugars as much as possible), drink plenty of water, and take a deep breath whenever you feel yourself starting to stress or spin out of control. Yoga really does help!

Party Hearty!

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