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Ghostbusters Themed Party Ideas & Supplies

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Hosting a Ghostbusters themed party promises a day or evening of nostalgia, excitement, and perhaps a few ghostly surprises. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the classic 1984 film or the more recent reboots, a Ghostbusters themed party is definitely a fantastic way to bring friends, young or old, together for a party of supernatural fun.

Ghostbusters Party Invitations

We cannot say it often enough. Your invitation sets the tone for the entire party! Here are a couple of our favorites. many of the invitations offered on Etsy are available in both printable and digital formats.

Ghostbuster Party Decorations & Supplies

To set the stage, decorations are key. Imagine transforming your living space into a haunted New York City, complete with cobweb-covered corners, eerie green lighting reminiscent of ectoplasm, and cardboard cutouts of the iconic Ghostbusters logo adorning the walls. A life-sized or yard-sized Stay Puft Marshmallow Man looming in the corner adds both humor and a touch of menace to the atmosphere.

We are obsessed with Prime Party's latest addition to their already fabulous collection of pop culture party supplies including Llama Llama and Max & Ruby.

Ghostbusters Costumes

Costumes are a must at any themed party, and a Ghostbusters party offers plenty of opportunities for creativity. Guests can dress up as their favorite characters: from the jumpsuit-clad Ghostbusters themselves (complete with proton packs made from cardboard and duct tape), to the possessed Dana Barrett in her Zuul form, or even Slimer, the lovable yet mischievous green ghost. Encouraging everyone to participate adds to the immersive experience and ensures plenty of photo opportunities throughout the night.

Food & Drink

No Ghostbusters party would be complete without themed refreshments. Offer guests “Slimer's Slime Punch,” a bright green concoction of lemon-lime soda and green food coloring, served in beakers and test tubes for an extra spooky touch. For snacks, consider “Ghost Trap Popcorn” in black and yellow containers, or marshmallow treats shaped like ghosts like Peeps Ghost Marshmallow Treats. A cake resembling the Ghostbusters logo makes for an impressive centerpiece, with its distinctive red circle and white ghost silhouette.

Activities & Games

Activities and games should keep the energy high and the laughter flowing. Set up a DIY photo booth with Ghostbuster photo booth props. Guests can take turns posing as ghostbusters capturing a ghostly apparition or battling the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. For a competitive game, organize a ghost-hunting scavenger hunt where guests search for hidden “ghosts” or clues around the house. And no matter the age, everyone will enjoy a round of the Ghostbusters themed pin the license plate game. If you do not mind the slimy mess, you can set up a slime table as a place of respite, a place to go to escape from the inevitable party chaos. Provide individual slime containers that guests can later take home as party favors.

And no party would be complete without a piñata. The piñata serves a dual purpose. Not only does it also serve as party decor, it signals the end of the party is near.

One more idea for those who are not vehemently opposed to kids (or adults) playing with any toy that even slightly resembles a weapon. These Ghostbusters Mini-Puft Popper Blaster Toys can be used in so many different ways. Get creative! Think target shooting, distance shooting, relay races, and yes even tag-style games.


Music sets the mood, so compile a playlist that mixes classic 80s hits with the Ghostbusters theme song by Ray Parker Jr. Make sure to include other spooky tunes to keep guests entertained and in the spirit of the party. Throughout the evening, surprise guests with appearances from “ghosts” (friends dressed in sheets or elaborate costumes) who may pop up unexpectedly to keep everyone on their toes.

Be sure to stream your favorite movie version of Ghostbusters. Or better yet, if the weather permits, set up an outdoor movie theater and watch together!

Ghostbusters Prizes & Party Favors

As the night winds down, it's time for awards and acknowledgments. Hand out prizes for the best costume, the most creative ghost capture, or the funniest ghostly encounter story. A Ghostbusters themed party is all about embracing the supernatural with humor and camaraderie, so ensuring everyone feels appreciated for their participation adds to the overall enjoyment.

Finally, send guests home with themed party favors like mini proton packs filled with candies or glow-in-the-dark ghost figurines. A personalized thank-you note or photo from the party can be a thoughtful touch to remind everyone of the ghostly good time they had.

In conclusion, a Ghostbusters themed party is a celebration of friendship, creativity, and the supernatural world of ghosts and ghouls. By immersing guests in the iconic imagery and playful spirit of the Ghostbusters franchise, you create an unforgettable party that captures the imagination and brings out the kid in everyone. So gather your friends, don your proton packs, and get ready to bust some ghosts—it's time to make memories that are sure to haunt you in the best possible way!

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