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Fun Recipe Ideas for Your Game of Thrones Viewing Party!

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Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook

Dishes from the Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook

Winter is Coming … Very Very SOON!

Game of Thrones Cookbook

With the final season of Game of Thrones sin full swing, so are our weekly GOT viewing parties. However, this year we are prepared with recipes inspired by Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook. From Direwolf Ale to Auroch Stew we will certainly eat well and most probably, way too much.

Here is what Think Geek had to say about this cookbook:

Every dish finds its roots in the pages that brought Westeros to life. Brew spirits to warm you. Treat guests to exotic sweets and alchemy-inspired cocktails. With The Unofficial GoT Cookbook, it's all possible! Feast your imagination on entrees, desserts, snacks, and drinks that will make your fantasies a reality.  

  • Arbor Red Wine – the finest spirit in the Seven Kingdoms.
  • The House of Stark's Venison, Apple, Cheddar Plaits – savory meat pies, fit for any Warden of the North.
  • The Imp's Wild Strawberry Fool – a dessert light enough to make Tyrion smile.
  • Wilding Grilled Pork Chops with Stir-Grilled Apples – the meal of choice at Craster's Keep.
  • Tears of Lys – the concoction of choice for bartenders and assassins alike.
  • And a direwolf's buttload more (over 150 recipes in total)!

Although neither the Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook nor A Feast of Ice & Fire – Official Game of Thrones Cookbook is currently available on Think Geek (we found them on Amazon), Think Geek is still carrying lots of fun GoT goodies, as is Amazon!

GoT Beverages & Barware

WOW! Look what we found!

Update! Don't forget the wine! And better yet, make it GoT wine.

GOT Refresher

GOT Party Decor & Photo Props


Party Hearty!

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