Fun Wedding Registries

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Fun Wedding Registries

Now that you are engaged, in addition to starting to obsess about the myriad of wedding details, you will also want to start thinking about what your life together might look like and all the “stuff” you will need (or might want) to get you started on this life long journey. This week on Small Talk Big Day, Amber lends some expert insight into creating fun wedding registries . Just one note for your guests >> Even if you receive a Save the Date, we think it is best to wait until you get an official wedding invitation before you buy your wedding gifts. Besides, the registry is a work in progress. Give the bride and groom enough time to edit their wish list. As time goes on their priorities, and even taste, may evolve.

  • When to create your wedding registries >>  The earlier the better! It’s never too soon to make a gift registry. Start looking for wedding gift ideas right after your engagement. This will help you make smart, thoughtful decisions about your gift needs.
  • Use various retailers >>  Each store offers different products. Using different companies allows you the opportunity to list a wide variety of gifts, and price ranges, for your wedding guests to choose from.
  • Keep your wedding registries updated >>  Remember, this is an ongoing process. Do not create a registry just a few weeks before your wedding day. You’ll need to make sure you do a good job of monitoring what you’ve asked for. More often than not, you and your partner will have made accidental or duplicate gift requests. Making returns will be a bummer!

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