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The Fruit Company’s Valentine’s Day Heart to Heart Gift Tower – PIP’s Pick

The Fruit Company's Heart to Heart Gift Tower

Just in time for Valentine' Day we received a special delivery at our front door. Jed at The Fruit Company sent us the beautiful new Valentine's Day Heart to Heart Gift Tower to review and share with you.  This gift tower is full of seasonal delicious treats that would make anyone's Valentine's Day sweeter.

The Wow Factor 

To start, as you can see this gift tower packs a punch on presentation.  It is a stunning tower that anyone would be delighted to find on their front door step. It has four different shaped boxes that say Valentine's Day without the obnoxious assault of bright pink and hearts.  The modern sophisticated design is appropriate for men and woman as well as office staffs and  families.

The Contents 

1 Milk Choc Covered Almonds – 4 oz.
1 Chocolate Covered Cherries – 4 oz.
3 Milk Chocolate Truffle Creams
1 Mini Red Heart 3 pc
6 Pink Lady Apple(s)
2 Red D'Anjou Pear(s)

The Taste Test

The Milk Chocolate Almonds what can we say – cover almost anything with chocolate and we'll eat it but these milk chocolate almonds were exceptionally good.  Our only complaint is that the bag was too small. We wanted more!

The Chocolate Covered Cherries again anything chocolate and you've got us hooked, these cherries were a delicious nod to the traditional chocolate covered valentine's day chocolate covered strawberries which The Fruit Company also carries.  

The Milk Chocolate Truffle Creams – three delicious little chocolate pick me ups.  Individually wrapped and perfect to throw in your purse or keep in your desk for that 3pm chocolate fix.

The Mini Red Heart 3 piece includes 3 mini white chocolate hearts, a milk chocolate cherry liquor candy and chocolate truffle.  Yummy!

The Pink Lady Applesfirst let me say just opening up this box of apples filled the room with the most intoxicating sweet smell.  These apples are so fragrant and they taste even better than they smell.

The Red D'Ajou Pears just like the apples these pears have a fabulous aroma you won't find in your garden variety grocery store pears.  Give them a few days and they will ripen perfectly. Like the apples, they add a healthy alternative to all the chocolate and are just as delicious eaten alone or added to a salad.

Wrap Up 

After eating our way through this gorgeous Heart to Heart Gift Tower we would absolutely recommend this tower of treats as a Valentine's Day gift for anyone on your list.  It is not only gourmet but the contents are all really fresh, delicious, and elegantly packed together create a unique gift that will brighten up anyone's day!

Party Hearty!

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