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Frozen Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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Frozen Party Planning, Ideas & SuppliesFrozen Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

PartyIdeaPros is loath to admit we have dropped the ball and never did put together a complete Frozen theme party despite the fact that Disney’s Frozen officially became the best-selling animated film of all-time in 2014.  We do have some great Winter Wonderland and Winter One-derland party ideas that although they do not feature any of the Frozen characters contain some great ideas that can easily be incorporated into most Frozen parties.

Having said all that, we were thrilled to come across this Olaf Frozen Party Theme extensive collection of  Frozen party supplies. If you and your child cannot get enough of Frozen, you’ll definitely want to check out these party tips.



Oh wow! Look what we just found >> a Frozen Party in a Box. Yep! you read that right. Everything you need to host a Snow Queen FrozenParty shipped directly to your front door. Save time and energy. Stop searching for the perfect supplies – we found them!

Olaf Frozen Party Theme

Courtesy of Birthday Express

Here is just one of our new favorite ways to throw a Frozen birthday party, and it’s all about Olaf! The cuddly snowman who loves warm hugs is here to have fun. This theme can also be a great idea for a gender-neutral birthday party, as it plays up the Frozen atmosphere without going overboard on princess power.

Olaf Frozen Party Theme, Frozen Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Birthday Express built up their Olaf party mostly with basic blue and white party supplies. As always, layers are the key! Try accenting with splashes of contrasting colors like orange, and pairing with natural wood textures. Pine cones and faux wood pieces from the craft store are a nice addition to the table. You can make some quick and crafty placemats and table runners from squares of brown paper and burlap fabric, too.

Olaf party supplies, Frozen Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

This set of Olaf party supplies includes a plastic plate, a plastic cup, and a plastic bowl, all with adorable illustrations inspired by the movie. Not only are they great for giving the guest of honor an extra special experience, but they’re completely washable and reusable, unlike paper plates. Your child will love using them at snack times after the party, too!

Adorable Olaf Cupcake, Frozen Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

It’s easy to turn any cupcake into an adorable Olaf! Snow some finely shredded coconut onto a white frosted cupcake, and add chocolate chip eyes. To make the nose, color some fondant or gum paste orange, and roll it into a cone shape with your fingers. Make some fingernail marks for texture, and add it to the finished snowman cupcake!

Olaf water bottles, Frozen Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Olaf water bottles can be used as a fun way to serve juice and other drinks to party guests, or they can simply be party favors. Either way, every guest will get a great gift to take home with them. Other ideas for Frozen party favors include these super cool temporary tattoos along with whatever other trinkets and treats you can fit inside an Olaf pinata!

Olaf Party Decorations

DIY campfire decoration Frozen Party, Frozen Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

To make this DIY campfire decoration, start with a bunch of faux wooden twigs, or with some real ones from outside. Stick them into a Styrofoam disc, evenly spaced around the perimeter and angled so that they meet at the top as shown. (It doesn’t have to be perfect; you can always force it a little and hold them in place with hot glue.)

The “fire” itself is just a short string of battery powered white Christmas lights. Coil up the cord to give the decoration a little more volume. Finally, make some stones for the outside of the campfire with crumpled gray construction paper.

Frozen Party Cardboard Olaf Standup

Decorate with your DIY campfire on its own as a centerpiece, or make one for this cardboard Olaf standup to enjoy!

Olaf Party Food & Drink Ideas

Hot Cocoa for your Frozen Party, Frozen Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

What could make a better refreshment for a winter birthday party than a warm cup of hot cocoa? We just used simple pastel blue cups  for ours, but those striped straws definitely add a nice touch. Don’t forget the extra large marshmallows! And consider using compostable cutlery.

Frozen Party Build a Snowman Kit, Frozen Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Marshmallows can also be used to build a snowman – if you wanna build a snowman, that is. With printed cardstock and plastic baggies, create kits for every child that include different sized marshmallows and toothpicks to stick them together. In addition to the blue rock candiesFood coloring pens are an easy way to add decorations. It’s a party activity that doubles as a snack!

Frozen Party Games and Activities Snow Ball Fight, Frozen Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Kristoff’s snowball fight is definitely not edible, but it’s still a ton of fun. Crumpled white tissue paper, new white socks, or fluffy washcloths all make great indoor-safe substitutes for real snowballs. Set up a few targets and knock ‘em down!

Party Hearty!

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