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Printable Mustache Bash Game

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Printable Mustache Bash Game

Printable Mustache Bash Game

OMG – Look what we found!  

A printable mustache bash game that goes perfectly with our Mustache Bash party package and is especially good if you are hosting a boy baby shower.  We are stoked. (So sorry – we just double checked and this game is no longer available  Turns out Funsational, our favorite printable games merchant, closed her shop this year so this game is no longer available but it might be worth trying to print it directly from the above image.  It probably will not come out as clear as we might like but it may just be “good enough”.)

As you well know, we never give up some searched and searched for alternative and have found a handful of other adorable mustache bash games now available on Etsy.  Enjoy!

Name That ‘Stache Printable Games

Encourage your guests to bring a pack of disposable diapers by incentivizing them with an entry into a diaper raffle!

As cute as this game is, one game clearly is not enough to fill an entire afternoon.  Here are a couple of additional ideas:

  1. Make your shower a modified costume party – provide Mustache Bandages to your guests as they arrive and maybe bowler and derby hats, too.  Be sure to take pictures and post them all over Facebook (no – not really — posting embarrassing photos is definitely on our party etiquette list of no, no's!)
  2. Play Pin the Mustache on the Baby.  Ok- it is silly but still fun.
  3. And for us, other than just being with friends and family, the best part is opening the presents.  Do not rush this.  You want to leave plenty of time for oohs and aahs.

Party Hearty!

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