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Football Party Food & Drink

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Featured Football Party Food >> Football Decorated Deviled Eggs courtesy of Food Love

Pro Tip! 

Dash's Rapid Egg Cookers really do help you make perfect eggs every time and make preparing deviled eggs so much easier! if you are prepping for large gatherings, invest in both the 6 egg cooker and the 12 egg cooker. We use one for everyday cooking and both when hosting! Also if you add crumbled bacon to the top, your eggs look even more like footballs.

Football Party Food & Drink

Football Party Food & Drink

Football Party Food & Drink Ideas >> Football Party Pick Candles | Football Player Cake Decorations | Football Pizza | Football Cake Pan | Deviled Eggs | Football Party Picks   | NFL Sippy Cups | Pigs in a Blanket MakerPlayful Football Wedding Couple Cake TopperChocolate Covered Football StrawberriesCitrus Green Stripes Paper Straws | Helmet Cake Pan

From football theme cupcake picks  to helmet and football shaped cake pans and decoration kits there are plenty of  goodies to make your cookies, candies, and cakes and to serve them all in festive football style!  We also love the NFL team sippy cups for your little one. And what football fanatic wouldn't want a playful football wedding couple cake topper 🙂

A football viewing party is the perfect time to go retro with your menu. Serve homemade pigs in a blanket and football style deviled eggs – the key to great deviled eggs is adding Dijon mustard.  Arrange the pepperonis on your pizza in the shape of a football.  Also anything served in a football theme container doubles as both food and decor for your party.

And a large pot of hot chili is always a football game favorite!

Super Bowl Chili Recipes

Super Bowl Chili Recipes | More Quick & Easy Football Party Recipes

And a football cooler for your drinks is a MUST!

Don't forget the popcorn!

NFL Popcorn Tins, Football Party Food

NFL™ TeamPopcorn Tins >> We love that the popcorn Factory now offerstheir gourmet popcorn tins with 15 individual bags so you do not end up with a boatload of uneaten stale popcorn! Brilliant.

Need a host gift? How about a football party food gift basket! Football Frenzie

Just one more idea (at least for now)!

How about creating a football theme candy buffet? Use green candies or choose candy in your team's colors

Football Theme Candy Buffet
Football Theme Candy Buffet >> Green Candy | Chocolate Footballs |

Pro tip!

Order personalized M&Ms in your team colors in bulk. And then just fill up and strategically place small football party snack bowls every week. These bowls then doubles as a snack and tailgating decor.

UGA Football Personalized M&Ms
Personalized M&Ms

More Football Theme Party Ideas!

Party Hearty!

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