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Holiday Family Pajama Party

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Winter really is the most wonderful time of the year. And it is the perfect time to stay in and stay warm with those you love most, your family. Although for most of us Christmas Eve pretty much naturally transitions into a family pajama party culminating in a fabulous Christmas morning breakfast and opening the presents Santa delivered in the middle of the night, some of us need a little jump start, a little  inspiration.

That's where we come in. Our inspiration is MomMeMatch's #familypajamaparty image featuring warm and cozy pjs for moms and dads and their children. It was this image that reminded us we have not yet curated a family pajama party.

Holiday Family Pajama Party

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Family Pajama Party

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year >> Holiday Family Pajama Party | Family Matching Holiday Pajamas

Family Holiday Pajamas

Clearly the pajamas come first. And yes, they should be matching or at least coordinating. Rather than re-invent the wheel, we will send you directly to the quintessential  matching family pajamas source, MomMeMatch. They have curated the most thorough resource for family matching holiday pajamas ever compiled, anywhere. And we highly recommend scrolling all the way down the page for a giggle. We promise, it is so worth it! Alternatively, follow them on Instagram or check out their direct links to FamilyHolidayPJs.

Here are just a few of our favorites. Each and every one will make fabulous holiday cards and Insta worthy family photos.

Family Matching Christmas Pajamas Family PJs

And they even have a page devoted exclusively to Hanukkah Pajamas.

Set the Tone for your Family Pajama Party

Let your family know that this truly is a party. Clearly you do not need to order formal invites but you can send each family member an inexpensive online invitation or even print out family pajama party invitations from your home printer and place them on each child's pillow to heighten the anticipation.

Download & Print Christmas Pajama Party Invitations

Christmas Pajama Party Decor

Truthfully, you do not need extra decorations. Your entire house is probably already decorated, so you are set. Maybe have some paper plates available so you don't have to do the dishes if you have a midnight snack.

And if you are wanting a bit more decor + a fun family activity we love this printable color yourself Christmas Decor. Print it out now and get the whole family coloring together on Christmas Eve! Just a quick caveat >> Etsy seller, vitaminaD, currently does not have this listed on her site but we would wager a guess that they can still be ordered. Just message her!

Christmas Pajama Party Snacks

Clearly milk and cookies MUST be left for Santa but if you are looking for evening activities, consider some fun & festive family snack making time.

We love these Candy Christmas Tree Treats although truthfully, it may be a bit too much sugar and chocolate just before bed.  But you have to admit, they are adorable and so easy to make!

Alternatively, think donuts. There are so many creative ways to serve them!

If you are looking for healthier snack foods (i.e. less sweets), we still love all of these options from our Festive, Easy to Make Holiday Party Snacks post. Our favorite for a family slumber party is hands down the Grinch Kabobs but what you serve might very well depend on the sophistication of your family's palette. Some families may turn their noses down at our family's love of mac and cheese in favor of shrimp cocktail any day.

Festive Easy to Make Holiday Party Snacks

Festive Easy to Make Holiday Party Snacks >> Fruit Santa Hats or Grinch Kabobs | Cocktails in Mini Moscow Mule Mugs | Christmas deviled eggs on a devil egg tray | Macaroni & Cheese in Mini Martini Glasses | Fully loaded mini baked potatoes | Shrimp in an Asian soup spoon

Don't Forget the Holiday Gifts and Stocking Stuffers!

Whether you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or skip the big gifts altogether and stick to stocking stuffers, we have you covered!

Family Activities

And what is a family pajama party without reading The Night Before Christmas and acting out the 12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Book  The Night Before Christmas the Classic Edition Book

12 Days of Christmas | The Night Before Christmas

And here are. few of the Christmas movies our family watches year after year and never tires of.

Wishing you and your family a very joyful and peaceful holiday season.

Party Hearty!

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