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Big to Mini Etched Wines & Champagnes for Your Wedding (or Any Special Occasion)

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Big to Mini Wedding Etched Wines

Big to Mini Etched Wines & Champagnes for Your Wedding >> Big Bottles

Big to Mini Etched Wines & Champagnes  for Your Wedding (or Any Special Occasion)

We recently partnered with specifically because we love love love these etched wine bottles. Not only do these etched wines and champagnes look great, they make a huge impression. And many of the bottles can be filled with wine of your choosing. We  love the fact that you can choose a six liter bottle to be the centerpiece on your wedding or rehearsal dinner tables and not only serve the wine, you can also have your guests sign the bottle as a “guest book” keepsake!

You can even order coordinating mini bottles to use as party favors. Or if that is a bit extravagant for your wedding budget, maybe just treat your out of town guests by including a mini bottle in your welcome bags.

SPECIAL NOTE >> The process uses to etch or print your order is computerized. They do not re-typed or input anything themselves. So you get EXACTLY what you order. This allows you full creative control of the final product. Unfortunately, this also means you really are fully responsible for misspellings, incorrect dates, or any other typos, too. So like with everything else you order personalized, please, please, please PROOF READ everything carefully.

One more thing >> these fabulous etched wines and champagnes are not just for weddings, they are great for any special occasion! Think fundraisers, milestone birthdays and anniversaries, retirement and graduation parties, and celebrating the birth of a baby! They would even make a festive addition to your Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's party table decor!

Party Hearty!

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