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Minted’s Elegant Online Invitations >> Free for a Limited Time!

Minted's Online Invitations Free for a Limited Time

Minted's Online Invitations >> Free for a Limited Time

Minted's Elegant Online Invitations

As many of you are all too aware, we generally really dislike online invitations. Up until now, we have not enjoyed the experience. It has always been a wee bit tacky. Well, leave it to Minted to change our minds. We are happy to report, that they have developed a line of online invitation experiences that will make you smile. We never thought we would combine the terms online invitations and elegant. And that is exactly what they are.   Best yet, because these invitations are still in beta, they are FREE so long as you send it to 5 recipients (not including yourself).

Here is an example of what your guest might see:

Minted's Online Holiday Party Invitations

And yes, it does appear that Minted will be offering online holiday party invitations! We are beyond excited! So here is our suggestion >> start playing with Minted's holiday party invitations today. Choose your favorite design and sometime between now and September 30,2016 send out five invites to family members or close friends (not yourself). You can even email friends and family separately explaining this is a test run. By sending these five invitations now Minted is saying your party will be “exempt from future charges“. So if we are reading this correctly, you will be able send out all of your holiday party invitations for free in November when you are ready to send them to your entire list! Now that is a great get!

Minted Online Cocktail Party Invites

Finally, here is the invitation Andy chose, without our prompting, to celebrate Aaron & Lindsey's marriage with his Hanover friends and colleagues a few weeks after their beautiful wedding ceremony & celebration. Good choice, Andy! #Loveit

Minted Online Invite Cocktail Party

Minted Online Invite >> Cocktails & Canapés 

Minted's Online Jewish New Year Celebration Invitations

Even we may have to send one of Minted's online Rosh Hashanah party invitations this year for our annual Apples & Honey Bash!

Party Hearty!

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