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Top 4 Edible Thanksgiving Centerpieces

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Edible Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Edible Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Thanksgiving is now just a little over two weeks away and it really is time to start thinking about all the little details to make your Thanksgiving celebration memorable. Yes, delicious food matters, but so does your presentation. Today we are focusing on edible Thanksgiving centerpieces. As much as we adore flowers, we are also very pragmatic and get ridiculously excited when we find fabulous “two-fers” or in other words, products that serve two purposes.

In this case, all four of these ideas are visually interesting and practical. Think DIY vegetable and/or fruit filled cornucopias, fruit turkey arrangements, giant chocolate turkeys, and yummy duos of caramel apple turkeys. Which would we choose? All four! Definitely the chocolate concoctions for the main table centerpieces, a brimming over vegetable cornucopia on the appetizer table, and the fruit turkey on the dessert table (such a fun way to present your healthy dessert option).

Chocolate Turkey Centerpiece

Large Chocolate Turkeys >> Milk Chocolate | Dark Chocolate | Kosher Pareve

Party Hearty!

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