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DIY Tutu & Gumball Necklace

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D.I.Y. Snowflake Winter Wonderland Tutu and Gumball Necklace
DIY Tutu >>Winter Wonderland Tutu & Gumball Necklace

We are obsessed with this DIY tutu tutorial we found on Birthday Express. We generally turn to Birthday Express as our “go to” site for kids birthday party supplies but never really thought about using those same supplies in fresh new ways. It was one of those “duh” moments. Why not use tulle to make our own tutus, especially with Halloween just around the corner.  And the fact is that although this DIY tutorial uses 2 shades of blue tulle to make a snowflake winter wonderland tutu (which could also be used as a Frozen costume), you could just as easily make a tulle tutu using any of the 14 colors of tulle offered on Amazon. Plus, you can easily adjust the length of the tutu to make mom + me matching tutus.  We can already envision clown tutu costumes, flower & butterfly tutu costumes, and even tutus showcasing the colors of your favorite sports teams.

Courtesy of Birthday Express

Dress your little princess in a tutu that’s too, too cute, and a necklace to boot! Your true-blue snow queen will love spending an afternoon among the snowflakes, and you’ll love how easy – and affordable – it is to create a one-of-a-kind look your princess will adore.

Materials Needed for DIY Tutu

Materials Needed for DIY Necklace

You Will Also Need

DIY Tutu Instructions

  1. Measure and cut elastic to the estimated length of the waist of child.
  2. Cut 22 pieces of French blue tulle and 22 pieces of royal blue tulle, each 20″ long.
  3. Knot one end of tulle on elastic.

DIY Necklace Instructions

  1. Cut curling ribbon into 24″ lengths for each guest.
  2. Count out 6-9 gumballs in one color or a mix of colors to match theme.
  3. Make a hole on each side of the gumball with the thumbtack.
  4. Use the tapestry needle to gently push straight through gumball, making a larger hole.
  5. String curling ribbon through tapestry needle and feed it through each gumball.
  6. Knot ribbon ends together.

Party Hearty!

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