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DIY Christmas Cracker Kits

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Santas elves diy christmas cracker kit

DIY Christmas Cracker Kits

How cute are these Santa's Elves Christmas Crackers! Create your own cute crackers with this DIY Christmas Cracker Kit by Meri Meri as sold on Etsy.  Add your own small treats, toys or sweets and decorate with a selection of decorative thread. Each pack creates 6 crackers. We think this would be a fun project for the kids during their Thanksgiving break.

While you are sitting around the table crafting your DIY Christmas Crackers you will not only be building excitement for the upcoming holiday season, you can even have an educational conversation about the significance of Thanksgiving and maybe even throw in some talk about vegan lifestyle choices. Ask them what they think about eating “roast beast” for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.  Why not? This does not need to be a hard core lifestyle changing indoctrination session.  Just the contrary, it should be light and casual – with the main objective to encourage your children to think analytically and to weigh their moral choices.

Another thought – maybe add a crafting table to your annual gingerbread cookie party or cookie swap (Don't forget to order your holiday party invitations today!).  How fun would it be for all your guest (no matter their age) to make their own Christmas Crackers this year to add as decor at their holiday dinner tables.  We also think these kits could be great for holiday gift exchanges.  (In fact, we like this idea so much, I think we will add it to our Holiday Grab Bag, White Elephant Gift Exchange & Gag Gift Ideas post!)

More DIY Christmas Cracker Kits

Etsy makes it easy and fun to make your own Christmas Cracker Kits.  This year, in addition to the Santa's Elves theme kit, there are various kits you can embellish as much or as little as you like.DIY Christmas Crackers

DIY Christmas Crackers

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