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Kids Community Service Activity – Clip Coupons for Coupons Help!

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Coupons Help Fight Hunger

We are so excited to introduce our visitors to Coupons Help, a non-profit organization started by a 10 year old thoughtful, inspired, creative angel.  Basically, Chloe was at a family dinner when a friend of her father's mentioned that the food pantry he worked with could use coupons in addition to food to help those in need purchase food and essentials. Chloe began collecting coupons from the Sunday paper that would have otherwise been thrown away and mailed them to the shelter. It made a difference and so she thought she would build a website and try to collect coupons from people all over the world, especially kids like her. Chloe's goal is to get 3,000 coupons by the end of year!  We are here to support her in her efforts.

PartyIdeaPros is asking our readers to consider adding a give back element to all their children's birthday parties this year.  We always recommend that kids' parties include 3 activities in addition to the time set aside to sing happy birthday, eat cake, and break the piñata.

  • a “doing” activity such as a hide and seek safari
  • a craft activity like making a sock puppet
  • a game activity such as musical chairs

This year consider substituting coupon clipping for a traditional craft activity.  We promise, the kids will not care that it doesn't exactly “match” the theme and they will enjoy the activity as much as any other craft.  Plan ahead and collect the coupons from your Sunday paper for the month or so proceeding the party.  Also save all those coupon books and flyers you receive in your mailbox everyday.  Buy enough child safe scissors for each child to have a pair (the scissors will also double as part of their party favor).  Seat the kids around a table or even in a circle on the floor and give the group 12 minutes to cut out as many coupons as they can and place them nicely in an envelope addressed to Coupons Help. Now give the children an additional 3 minutes to decorate their envelopes either in the theme of the party or any way they choose. They can use crayons, markers and stickers and should include a little note in the envelope with their name and home town.  When time is over, give a small prize to the child who has cut the most coupons. You will need to mail the envelopes after the party and please sort through the coupons to make sure they all meet the specified guidelines.  At the end of the party present each child with a stack of  4-6 stamped envelopes tied together and addressed to:

Coupons Help

c/o Chloe Glazer

P.O Box 920540

Needham, MA 02492

In each envelope insert a copy of the coupon guidelines so they can do this project a few more times at home with their parents.

Coupons Help Coupon Guidelines

Be sure to re-attach the scissors to each party favor.

We promise this inexpensive party activity will not only keep the kids engaged and happy, they will love the idea of helping another child accomplishment her goal of collecting 3000 coupons to combat hunger.  Now let's get coupon clipping!

Party Hearty!

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