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Coachella Fashion >> Vintage One-of a Kind Finds

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Coachella 2016 fashion Vintage One-of-a-Kind Finds Perfect for Festival Wear

Coachella Fashion >>  Little Light Vintage

 Coachella Fashion >> Vintage One-of a Kind Finds

From Coachella to Stagecoach to FYF and Gov Ball, music and art festivals are more popular than ever. While music may be the main focus of thesae festivals, one could argue that the festival fashion, and especially Coachella fashion, is the true showstopper! Here is our issue with so many of the Coachella outfits >> they are what we have begun to call wanna-be's. Rather than being authentic 70's and bohemian style outfits, they are fakes.  It is a little like home decorating.  All those tiles that are trying to look like wood or stone and simply are not, drive us completely crazy.  We always say don't choose a fake version of something if you can readily get the real thing. Same with clothes.  Why buy fake 70's clothes when you can buy real vintage one of a kind outfits. This is why we turned to Daryn Belinsky, of Little Light Vintage, for her take on this year's festival wear.

Finding Just the Right Coachella Look

Daryn and I went back and forth a bit and together decided to feature a few looks that we believe will be this year's stand-outs. As in past years fun, loose, beat the heat t-shirts paired with denim shorts will remain a mainstay. But we promise you that no one will be wearing one as cute as this super soft, yellow t-shirt featuring a Persian cat with rhinestones for eyes and dated 1988.  Bomber jackets were all the rage on this year's runways, so why not choose a true vintage red, white and blue bomber jacket with fire breathing dragon patch or forest green Oakland A's satin bomber for a fraction of the cost of a new jacket and so much more authentic. Both jackets would be perfect for Coachella's cool nights and would look great with just about any outfit you choose to wear.  Neither Daryn nor I could resist throwing into the mix a cute little plaid shirt, an easy, cool tribal print cotton shift dress, and what may be my favorite of the group, this floral dress with built-in biker shorts so you can do cartwheels and dance to your heart's content!

And of course, everything is in the styling so pair any of these with lace up sandals, espadrilles, slip-on sneakers, or authentic Indian-made moccasins. Remember fashion is great but comfort is still key!

Nightwear Trend | Lingerie Styling

Next we searched Daryn's warehouse for dresses inspired by this year's nightwear trend and lingerie styling. We found 3 outfits that we believe would kill it at Coachella, especially if styled and accessorized well. Add a fun bucket hat and again throw on one of those bomber jackets when the sun goes down!

Coachella Fashion, Vintage One-of-a-Kind Finds Lingerie Inspired Festival Wear

Little Light Vintage Coachella Fashion

One last thing >> remember these are vintage one-of-a-kind finds, so do not dawdle. If you like something, buy it. Our guess is that none of these outfits will be available for long! Having said that if your favorite outfit has been sold, be sure to look at all the other options, plus everyday Daryn posts new arrivals in both her littlelightvtg Etsy shop and on her instagram feed @littlelightvintage

Party Hearty!

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