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Our Own Little Christmas Gnome Birthday Party

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Our Own Little Christmas Gnome Birthday Party

Our Own Little Christmas Gnome Birthday Party

So we got to thinking, last year at this time we were frantically putting together a pink snowman winter one-derland party theme  for a visitor who emailed asking for some inspiration for their daughter's 1st birthday party.  This year we challenged ourselves to create a fresh holiday take on a baby boy's 1st birthday party.

Once we found this adorable gnome costume, we were set. Our theme would be Our Little Christmas Gnome Birthday Party.  Not only would the photos be #toocute, we loved the idea of combining blue and red with splashes of green to create a playful, festive holiday theme first birthday party. We also found some cute gnome party invitations with a red and white polka dot background – how perfect was that!

    Garden Gnome Toddler Boys Costume

Little Christmas Gnome Costume

Our Own Little Christmas Gnome Birthday Party Paper Goods

Next we searched for coordinating party supplies and decided to use the gnome print napkins, red & white polka dot dessert plates placed on a large caribbean blue dinner plate which we would use almost like a charger.

    caribbean blue plates        red and white polka dot dessert plates

 Woodland Gnome Lunch Napkins Caribbean Blue Forks Knives and Spoons  Red and White Dot Cups

Gnome Paper Napkins (Ugh! these are no longer available) |  Bright Blue Forks, Knives and Spoons | Bright Blue Dinner Plates | Red and White Dots Dessert Plates | Red and White Dot Cups

New! Gnomes & Mushrooms!

Our Own Little Christmas Gnome Birthday Party Decorations

For decorations we once again combined different prints and colors and this is where we add our splash of green!

For first birthday parties we love to use balloons bouquets both at the party entrance and as part of the table centerpieces.  For very little money, balloon bouquets add color, texture, and movement to your space. Just make sure the latex balloons are out of reach of any small children! Attach the balloons to a container filled with these adorable Green and White Whirly Pops

Green First Birthday Balloons    Red and White Dot Balloons  Green and White Whirly Pops

Red and White Dot Latex BallonsGreen First Birthday Balloons | Green and White Whirly Pops

Now decorate your serving table with red and white dot flag banners and fun paper straws and even a few Blue Polka Dot Felt Birthday Hats. And don't forget the three inch #1 birthday candle!

Red and White Dot Flag Banner

Red and White Dot Flag Banner

Red and White Dot Straws   Green and White Dot Straws

Red and White Dot Straws | Green and White Dot Straws

Our Own Little Christmas Gnome Birthday Party Activities

Our best advice for a first birthday party is to put your efforts into the decorations so your memories and the pictures are adorable. Pare the guest list way down. And keep the party short. Sing Happy Birthday. Blow out the candle. Eat the cake. And  by now your little one should be just about ready for his nap:).

Party Hearty!

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