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????An Annual Christmas Dilemma >> To Gift Fruitcake or Not????

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Collin Street Bakery Fruitcake

Collin Street Bakery Fruitcake

An Annual Christmas Dilemma >> To Gift Fruitcake or Not to Gift Fruitcake

If you asked us two days ago whether you should gift fruitcake this year, the answer would have been a resounding NO! But following an hour long meeting and a free fruitcake sample from Collin Street Bakery, we are revising that assessment.

Have we changed our mind because they are paying us to do so. Absolutely NOT. Although we will get paid a small percentage of any sale if you click the links on this page and actually buy from Collin Street Bakery, we never ever recommend products and companies we do not love and trust. And as you well know, we very seldom do reviews because we almost never like the products we are sent to review. We have an entire closet filled with stuff that we cannot even give away to our friends and family because nobody wants it.

Interesting Fact >> Millions of People Really Do LOVE Fruitcake!

Now in the interest of full honesty and transparency, do we love or even like fruitcake after trying it again? Not really but we have decided it is an acquired taste like so many foods. We did not grow up eating this popular Christmas cake or anything made with allspice. But we do love chopped liver and bet most of you would take fruitcake over chopped liver any day of the week, especially really great holiday cake made with quality ingredients and delivered in a beautiful gift tin. This fruitcake looks elegant and festive when served on a fancy cake plate and is actually moist and delicious with a nutty texture.

Most shocking to us is that according to Collins Street Bakery, there really are millions of people who do love fruitcake. The fact is Collin Street Bakery sells over 100,00 of these Christmas desserts year in and year out, just on their website alone. It seems as if once people have tasted Collin Street Bakery's fruitcake they never again try to make it themselves or bother ordering it from another company.

Fruitcake Gifting

Here is a peek at our first night of Hanukkah's fruitcake unwrapping ceremony.

Collin Street Bakery Fruitcake Reveal
Fruitcake Plated

Collin Street Bakery Fruitcake Reveal | Crystal Footed Cake Plate

So is it any good? According to our much respected fruitcake experts, Collins Street Bakery cakes really are quite yummy. The answer to our question as to whether you should you gift these holiday cakes or not is a confident yes. So long as your family, friends and colleagues enjoy a traditional Christmas celebration, they will love this gift. We recommend ordering a few so you can bring them as host{ess} gifts for holiday open houses. As you can see, they not only look great displayed on a beautiful cake stand, they look just as festive when placed in the tin on a holiday dessert buffet. Plus, if you serve it in the tin, everyone will know it came from the BEST fruitcake purveyor out there!

Fruitcake Alternatives

Still not sure if you are comfortable gifting fruitcake? Collin Street Bakery also sells some delicious pecan, pecan fudge, and fudge pies. Yummmmmy – doesn't that sound great just about now? Maybe paired with a cup of Kahlua laced Hot Chocolate?

Collin Street Bakery Deep Dish Pecan and Fudge Pies

Deep Dish Pecan and Fudge Pies

Party Hearty! 

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