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Christmas Centerpiece for the Horse Lover

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Featured Christmas Centerpiece fo the Horse Lover >> Trail of Painted Ponies a Christmas Tradition Centerpiece

OMG – Look what we just found over at The Riding Corner!  We love this festive holiday centerpiece for the horse lover . This Woodland Christmas 2012 Holiday Centerpiece is a limited edition piece only crafted for one year but after a bit of searching we found a handful of these centerpieces still available for purchase! If you are even contemplating purchasing a horse themed Christmas centerpiece, please do not dawdle – the last of these fabulous Enesco centerpieces will be gone in a blink.  So order one today because this little gem will undoubtedly be your family holiday centerpiece for many years to come!

Christmas Centerpiece for the Horse Lover

Not only does this adorable Woodland Christmas Centerpiece feature Appy Holidays decorating the Christmas Tree with all of his woodland friends, it also has a built in music box that plays the classic holiday tune, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”  Too, too cute!

Party Hearty!

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