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Chinese New Year Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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Chinese New Year Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Happy Chinese New Year! Yesterday marked the beginning of the Chinese New Year and it looks like @blacktwine got the party decor exactly right. Our partners over at Luna Bazaar posted the featured instagram with the caption

“Gushing & blushing over next month’s @marthastewart Living?— pick up a copy to see how adoringly @blacktwine styled our paper lanterns mix & matched with our dear friends @pearl_river_mart for Queen Martha’s grandson’s #lunarnewyear birthday bash a fortunate beginning to this #yearofthepig fabulously photographed by @lindapugliese “

Some photos are just too great not to share! (Follow us on Instagram!)

Looking for more Chinese New Year party and decor ideas? We have you covered! 

Chinese New Year Party Invitations

As always, the invitations sets the tone for your party. We still prefer mailed invites to online invitations for two reasons: 1. They don't get lost in your guests inbox (i.e. glanced at and forgotten) 2. The invitation helps build anticipation for the event since they are often hung on refrigerators or kitchen bulletin boards for all to see many times each and every day.

Chinese New Year Party Decor

You absolutely must decorate with Paper Lanterns! Our two favorite shops for lanterns are Beau-coup and of course, Amazon.

Both offer standard paper lanterns in lots of materials and patterns but additionally, Amazon sells  what they call a DIY Animal Face Paper Lantern.

Chinese Paper LanternRed Chinese Lantern

And don't forget the paper dragons!

Chinese New Year Party Supplies

For a while now, we have been talking about Crated. Yes, their party supplies are a bit pricey but sometimes it is so worth spending a little more not only for the ease but because everything goes together so perfectly!

Chinese New Year Food & Drink Ideas

Unless you are hosting a dinner party, keep your food small. Bite-sized or served in Chinese soup spoons is best. And if the dishes themselves have special meaning in Chinese culture, even better! Small bite-sized lettuce wraps can signify rising fortune and peking duck rolls can symbolize fidelity. Be sure to include shrimp or fish to symbolize a wish for abundance. And serving longevity noodles will mean you hope for a long life, so be sure not to cut them!

Festify your Oreos & cupcakes!

Chinese New Year Party Fun & Games

Chinese New Year Photo Booth Props - Year of the Pig Printable Chinese New Year Photo Booth Props - Year of the Pig

 Year of the Pig Printable Photo Booth Props

Consider using Asian influenced decorative tiles to create a photo booth backdrop.


Happy New Year & Party Hearty!

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