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Chicken Soup Delivered – Love by the Ladle

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Chicken Soup Delivered

Chicken Soup Delivered – Love by the Ladle

Just in time for the holidays and flu season and college exams!  Send beautifully packaged chicken noodle soup, handmade the traditional way using all natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives, to family and friends in need of some loving.

Studies show that chicken soup actually does have medicinal value! 

This week I received a flurry of calls from my college freshman, not only had she slipped and badly hurt her knee, she had to return to health services for the 3rd time in five days because now she also had strep throat. I guess that is one way to force her to rest her knee. What's a parent living far away from her “baby” to do? Feeling a bit useless and helpless, I began researching the idea of having chicken soup delivered to her dorm and happened upon Spoonful of Comfort. Since I ordered before the company's 1:00pm MDT deadline, my soup shipped out that day and arrived, beautifully wrapped, just in time for lunch. Izzy said the soup was yummy, maybe even better than my own recipe, and more importantly, she felt comforted and loved.

This time I ordered the Get Well Chicken Soup Package but with finals quickly approaching I plan to order 2 college care packages, one for Izzy and another for my son, Robbie, that in addition to the soup also include “made from scratch” rolls, cookies, and cozy dorm socks! They will have no excuse not to study.

I must admit, I am not an impulse buyer. In fact, I am overly slow to press the buy now button. So what convinced me to give Spoonful of Comfort a try?

  • First, I liked that the soup is handmade the traditional way using all natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives. and is prepared in small batches to draw out the best flavors and ensure a superior taste that can not be matched by large scale processing.
  • I liked the packaging. (As a professional party planner, the details and physical appearance matter to me.)
  • I wanted the soup to arrive the next day and liked the fact that there was enough soup to share with her roommate and other friends and any extra soup, not eaten within 2-3 days could be frozen.
  • It received rave reviews on Today Show and in Food and Beverage World, Real Simple,, and Southern Living Magazine
  • And the clincher — a portion of the proceeds from each purchase of Spoonful of Comfort chicken noodle soup will go to The American Cancer Society – your proceeds will immediately support lifesaving cancer research, education, advocacy, and patient service programs.

Spoonful of Comfort chicken soup is made and sent with love to warm your heart.

Chicken stock, pulled all natural chicken, noodles, carrots, celery, onion, sage, parsley, sea salt and down-home comfort.

Don't forget the ladle!

Party Hearty!

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