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Cheap Chic

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Cheap Chic

Cheap Chic

Planning a party is always about choices. This page is dedicated to finding less expensive alternatives  — in other words, cheap chic.

Cheap Chic Invitations

For example,we recently helped plan an important life cycle event on a very, very limited budget.  The hostess could not cut the guest list below 100 because they have a very large extended family. Together we made the decision to cut costs on the invitations. The client needed a 6 piece invitation which included the main invitation to the ceremony, a more limited invitation to the reception, a special invitation for out of towners to join them for dinner Friday night and brunch Sunday morning, and 3 different response cards corresponding to the different invitations.  We created an entire custom package for under $220.00 including envelopes. ribbon, and gems. (Postage not included)  How?  We used postcards! 100 double sided 4×6 glossy postcards custom designed cost a mere $29.00 plus shipping and handling.    We spiced up each card by adding a few colored gems and tied the pieces together with coordinating ribbon.  Since the response cards were actual postcards, no envelope was needed.  Postcards are also great for Save the Dates!

Postcard Invitations

Prints Made Easy


Today we would definitely not only consider Zazzle's print options but love their new instant download  invitation option!

Zazzle Instant Download Invitations

Zazzle Instant Download Invitations

And now there is Greenvelope!

Cheap Chic Centerpieces

Looking for an inexpensive centerpiece that will double as a party favor?  Look no further than Wanderful Centerpieces.  All we can say is they truly are wonderful and easy!  Call 1-800-822-9263 to speak with a designer.  They will walk you through the entire process.  Plus, their goal is to have all your centerpieces delivered one month in advance.


Wanderful Centerpieces

Check back often for more budget friendly ideas.

Party Hearty!

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