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Chalkboard Chic Party Ideas

Chalkboard Chic Party Ideas

Chalkboard Chic

Chalkboard Invitations, Place Cards, Table Numbers, Party & Home Decor, and  More

It doesn't take more than a minute or two perusing Pinterest to know that vintage is in.  Brides have especially been loving our vintage tin tile  outdoor wedding photography backdrops and magnetic seating charts & escort card boards.  Today we want to make sure every one is aware of the newest trend in vintage — chalkboard everything.  At first we thought it it was our personal obsession after discovering a ceiling tile chalkboard  but after my daughter called and said she painted a chalkboard wall and created 2 chalkboard side tables in her summer apartment rental, I knew I was on to something.  Izzy is always a beat or two ahead of burgeoning trends.  And then today, I opened my email and there waiting for me was a note from Tiny Prints with the subject  “Chalk it up to Birthdays”” featuring their latest fashion forward invitations.

So today we have chosen to  showcase this chic new chalkboard trend in invitations and suggest coordinating your place cards / escort cards, table numbers, party & home decor.  Once we began our quest, we were amazed at how much chalkboard “stuff” is readily available online. Plus, as Izzy could tell you, you can easily transform just about anything into a chalkboard decor yourself using a can of chalkboard paint or chalkboard peel & stick papers.

Just a note of caution – if you DIY, make sure you check the color on the container.  Turns out chalkboard paint comes in both black and green.  I wanted black but mistakenly bought green paint.  I ended up trying the green, not liking it, and repainting my ceiling tile chalkboards with the black  chalkboard spray paint.

Chalkboard Invitations

Choosing your invitation is the equivalent of the title of a paper … it sets the tone for the entire party!

 Chalkboard Party Favors, Place Cards and Table Numbers 

 12 Mini Square Chalkboards 2″X2″-For Wedding Place Cards Party Favors, & Crafts

Download Wedding Chicks chalkboard inspired cards and write your guests names and table numbers on their free printables.  Use chalk pencils in your fanciest cursive for the cutest place cards ever.  You can download Wedding Chicks chalkboard place cards here. Simply cut and fold and you are ready to go.  Be sure to check out more of their free printables. All completely free and some you are even able to customize. Download chalkboard table number and place card template here.

Chalkboard Chic Place Cards & Table Number Chalkboard Place Cards & Table Numbers | Chalkboard Table Picks | Weathered Metal Chalkboards with Scalloped Cut Edging | Chalkboard Wooden Eggs Place Cards 

DIY Chalkboard Wooden Eggs: Package of 30 Unpainted Wooden Eggs- 2″

Chalkboard Decals and Wall Stickers

Chalkboard Chic Decals, Wall Stickers, Party Banners

Menu Chalkboard French by Old River Road | Cuisine French Country Kitchen Blackboard ChalkboardPeel & Stick Chalkboards

Chalkboard Gifts & Home Entertaining Accessories

Wooden Chalkboard Bins

Wooden Chalkboard Bins

DIY: Decorative Tin Ceiling Tiles + Chalkboard Paint

Use decorative metal tiles and chalkboard paint to create your own unique and chic chalkboard table numbers, place cards, party favors, and home decor!

A ceiling tile chalkboard is super simple to make yourself — all you need to do is choose a tile with a large flat center and paint the center with chalkboard paint.  Although the picture shows the tile framed in black, personally, I think the frame detracts from the tile.  I would just hang the tile directly on the wall with  removable Picture-Hanging Strips or nail them into the wall with cone head nails.

  Tn tile chalkboard      2405 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Opening Act

All tin tiles are 24″ x 24″.  Therefor you can make 4 – 12″ x 12″ chalkboard table numbers and/ or signs with 12 – 6″ x 6″ chalkboard place cards / escort cards.  Add a magnet to the back of the place cards to display them on a tin magnet board and create a chalkboard magnet party favor!

  1205 Tin Ceiling Tile – CLASSIC CHECKERD DECO    1211 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Lincoln Square 
1205 Tin Ceiling Tile – CLASSIC CHECKERD DECO
| 0603 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic – DIAMONDBACK SQUARES | 1211 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Lincoln Square | 0601 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic – TIMES SQUARES

Here's how mine turned out (when the rest of the kitchen is finished I will add a photo of the entire nook).  I use them both as chalkboards and as magnet boards.

Tin Ceiling Tile Magnetic Chalkboards

Chalkboard “Stuff” for Crafting and DIY Projects

 Sargent Chalkboard ChalkKrylon Chalkboard Paint

 Chalkboard Chalk | Chalkboard Paint | Chalkboard Markers |Chalk Pencils

Party Hearty!

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