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Chic and Fabulous Celebrity Designed Homeware

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Featured Chic and Fabulous Celebrity Designed Homeware >> Scallop Glass Goblets from the Beautiful by Drew Homeware Collection

Celebrity chic is a an understandable, albeit elusive, home decor goal. Lucky for us the fabulous team at Belle Abodes has successfully made this aspiration both accessible and attainable. We are obsessed. Belle Abodes offers a glimpse into the lives of celebrities as they celebrate various aspects of life, showcasing that much like the rest of us, they find joy in simple moments.

Every decor choice becomes a reflection of our lifestyle preferences, illustrating how we choose to relax and entertain. Whether opting for a neutral palette to let personalities shine or embracing vibrant colors and textures to express one's self and perspective, each choice speaks volumes about our values. Our advice is to create a home that brings comfort and joy, irrespective of fleeting trends. Embracing a mix of styles is encouraged, as eclectic chic remains timeless.

Exploring Belle Abodes' celebrity house tours and celebrity designed lines reveals the diversity inherent in celebrity style. This diversity allows individuals to select and combine various elements from different homes, fostering the creation of a unique and chic personal style. Given our focus on celebrating life, our collaboration with Belle Abodes emphasizes spaces and products adored and designed by celebrities, particularly those related to entertaining. Examples range from kitchen accessories that make throwing a dinner party delicious and fun to gorgeous dining room furniture and handsome dinnerware.

Celebrity Designed Homeware

Today we are focusing on the very affordable celebrity homeware designed by Drew Barrymore and Paris Hilton to perfect the dinner party

 Beautiful by Drew Homeware Collection

Drew Barrymore, renowned actress and entrepreneur, has seamlessly extended her creative prowess into the realm of homeware and kitchenware with the introduction of the Beautiful by Drew collection. Exclusively launched at Walmart, this line showcases meticulously designed kitchen appliances, cookware, utensils, and gadgets dedicated to enhancing life's beauty through the art of cooking and entertaining. The distinct home decor range effortlessly blends affordability, practicality, and enduring style.

How fun would it be to mix it up a bit and host a fondue party rather than the standard dinner party. Start with this fabulous Fondue Set, featuring a ceramic pot, stainless steel forks, and a convenient base for serving. Now add a new set of Modern Dots Stoneware and some scallop glass goblets in cornflower blue to create a fresh tablescape. We are loving everything about this dinner party and the new celebrity inspired additions to your homeware and kitchenware!

Paris Hilton Be an Icon Collection

Paris Hilton shares that the inspiration behind this pink paradise is all about celebrating individuality and having fun. She wants you to feel empowered and confident while whipping up a gourmet meal or primping for a night out. Even if you are not into all things pink for your everyday enjoyment, Paris Hilton's Be an Icon Collection is the perfect collection for a girls night in, baby girl baby shower or even sweet sixteen sleepover.

And the best part is you don’t have to break the bank to get the Be an Icon look. Paris’s collection is surprisingly affordable, making it perfect for budget-conscious glam queens. So, ditch the plain and predictable, and get ready to be the hostess with the mostest in a pink paradise!

Paris Hilton's Be an Icon Collection
Paris Hilton's Be an Icon Collection 📷 Brendan Forbes/ KGM Entertainment Inc

How cute would it be to offer your guests their own reusable pink tumblers to later take home as their party favors. Or to serve popcorn directly from these adorable microwavable popcorn poppers. Hint: purchase enough pink popcorn poppers for every two to three guests. Or place one on each table as an edible part of your centerpiece. And finally this fabulous heart shaped cheese board set can be re-used every Valentines Day.

Be sure to keep checking back often. We plan to regularly showcase new home entertaining ideas inspired by the celebrity chic style featured on Belle Abodes.

Party Hearty!

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