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Celebrating Cat Cuteness :: Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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National Cat Day

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Celebrating Cat Cuteness Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

In honor of National Cat Day we have finally put together a few of our favorite cat theme party invitations, decorations, paper goods and even a few party activities to entertain your friends and their adorable cats. This party theme is really all about celebrating cat cuteness!

Party Invitations Celebrating Cat Cuteness

If we have said it once, we have said it 100 times, your invitation really does matter.  It sets the tone for the entire party.

Party Supplies & Decorations Celebrating Cat Cuteness

 hello kitty rainbow party in a box

Hello Kitty Party In a Box

Kitty Cat Personalized Printable Party Package

Kitty Cat Personalized Printable Party Package | More Printable Kitty Cat Party Supplies

Cookie Treats & Favors Celebrating Cat Cuteness

Cat Cookies

Aristocrats Sugar CookiesCat-Shaped Sugar Cookies | Cat Cookie Cutters | Purrfectly Precious Cat Face Decorated Sugar Cookies | Pouncing Cat Cookie | Kitten Cat Sugar Decorations

Activities Celebrating  Cat Cuteness

Play Exploding Kittens and re-watch Cats: The Musical for the 100th time.

Cats -The Musical   Exploding Kittens Card Game

Gifts Celebrating Cat Cuteness

Gifts for Cat Lovers

Dogeared Cat Lover Necklace | Dogeared Lucky Necklace | Cat Calendars | Cat Cheeseboards| Cat Adult Coloring Book

Party Hearty!

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