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Celebrate Summer Party Invitations!

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Celebrate Summer Party Invitations

Celebrate Summer Party Invitations

Celebrate Summer Party Invitations!

We love summer! The days are warm, the nights are long and it is a perfect opportunity to gather friends and family together to party and create lasting memories. It all begins with a simple invitation. As you well know, believes invitations are essential to a successful party.  Yes, a quick phone call, email, or text message gets the job done but a mailed invitation actually sets the tone and creates excitement for your party.  Our very informal non-scientific poll indicates that 82% of Americans actually hang their invitations on their refrigerator,  ensuring your guest will glance at your invitation at least a dozen times each day.

  Watermelon Cookout Party Invitation

Watermelon Cookout

 splash splash summer pool party invitations     orange you glad its summer party invitation

Round Summer Party Invitations :: Splish Splash | Orange you Glad It's Summer

    Summer Cocktails Party Invitations

Summer Cocktails Party Invitations

As many of you are all too aware, in the past we really disliked online invitations. Up until now, we have not enjoyed the experience. It has always been a bit tacky. Well, leave it to Zazzle to change our minds. We are happy to report, they now offer many of their printed invitations as digital downloads too. We never thought we would combine the terms online invitations and elegant. And that is exactly what they are. Just look for invitations saying DOWNLOADABLE.

Party Hearty!

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