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Celebrate Presidents Day

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Celebrate Presidents Day

Celebrate Presidents Day – Planning, Ideas, and Supplies!

Presidents Day 2020 is Monday February 17th!

Take Time to Honor America's Leaders. Show your American Pride — Fly the Flag and Bring out the Red, White and Blue!

New! Presidents Day Printables

Presidents' Day Printable Games

A few years back,  I spoke to Deanne over at Printable Games A to Z  about the dearth of printable President's day games. (we are so missing her site!) Here's what she suggests:

Personalize  a Customizable Printable Bingo Card  with the names of different presidents:

1. George Washington 2. John Adams 3. Thomas Jefferson 4. James Madison 5. James Monroe 6. John Quincy Adams 7. Andrew Jackson 8. Martin Van Buren 9. William Henry Harrison 10. John Tyler 11. James K. Polk 12. Zachary Taylor 13. Millard Fillmore 14. Franklin Pierce 15. James Buchanan 16. Abraham Lincoln 17. Andrew Johnson 18. Ulysses S. Grant 19. Rutherford B. Hayes 20. James Garfield 21. Chester A. Arthur 22. Grover Cleveland 23. Benjamin Harrison 24. Grover Cleveland 25. William McKinley 26. Theodore Roosevelt 27. William Howard Taft 28. Woodrow Wilson 29. Warren G. Harding 30. Calvin Coolidge 31. Herbert Hoover 32. Franklin D. Roosevelt 33. Harry S. Truman 34. Dwight D. Eisenhower 35. John F. Kennedy 36. Lyndon B. Johnson 37. Richard M. Nixon 38. Gerald R. Ford 39. James Carter 40. Ronald Reagan 41. George H. W. Bush 42. William J. Clinton 43. George W. Bush 44. Barack Obama 43. Donald J. Trump

Add Meaning to your Presidents Day Celebration

Designate  President’s Day as a day of reflection, a day of leadership development, and a day team building!

Looking for innovative ways to inspire your team without investing in a major team building initiative?  President’s Day is the perfect day to  incorporate reflection, leadership exercises, and inspirational activities  into the workday’s normal routine.  If you are among the lucky ones who actually get this national holiday off, consider choosing another day to achieve the same results.  Model your next “Great Leaders Day” after Smith College’s Mountain Day where every year the college president chooses a beautiful fall day and announces a holiday  day off  to re-invigorate the soul by ringing the college bells.

Presidential Dollars

Deliver a  Presidential Golden Dollar with an inspirational quote to all your employees

Use the Day to Develop Creative Thinking

Develop spontaneous thinking skills by creating 5-10 minute team creative thinking breaks.  Consider investing in an Odyssey of the Mind Spontaneous problem solving book

Inspire & Give Back

Bring in an inspirational speaker.

Pass around a “Yes We Can” can with all proceeds benefiting a local charity.

Ask all employees to bring in canned goods to donate to your local food pantry.  Now surprise them and ask each department to take the collected cans and  collectively and collaboratively arrange them in a way to denote something special or unique about  your company.  Take pictures and post on the company website.  Now donate the cans.

Provide all employees, or at least the members of your leadership team, with copies of Great Quotes from Great Leaders.

Great Quotes from Great Leaders

Great Quotes from Great Leaders with FREE DVD

This extraordinary book will be a source of inspiration and knowledge for many years to come. It is a beautiful coffee table edition with 160 pages, 75 wonderful photographs and over 400 great quotations from leaders in all walks of life.

Some of the leaders include: Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr.,Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, Helen Keller, Henry Ford, Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, George S. Patton, Booker T. Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Sam Walton, John Wooden, Ray Kroc, and many more.

More Presidents Day & Patriotic Party Planning, Ideas, and Supplies 

View All Zazzle Presidents' Day Products

Patriotic Invitations

Choosing your invitation is the equivalent of the title of a paper … it sets the tone for the entire party, even a casual party!  There are so many great patriotic invitations to choose from … just click the pictures for more details.
The Patriot Party Invitation

Patriotic Flower Arrangements and Centerpieces

Whether you are hosting a get together or attending one, celebrate the spirit of freedom with a bouquet of red, white and blue!

This is so frustrating — we must apologize – we cannot keep up with the constantly changing floral links so rather than continue to send you to places that no longer exist, we have decided to just post pictures for inspiration and recommend you check out the current selection at our “go to” florists!

Patriotic Mylar Centerpieces

For an affordable yet festive centerpiece, combine mylar centerpieces with balloons, stuffed animals, or fresh picked garden flowers.

Patriotic Star Print Cascade Centerpiece

Patriotic Centerpieces


Red Star Balloons  Blue Star Balloons

 Red Prismatic Star Foil Balloon | Blue Star Foil Balloon

 Red Balloons Blue Balloons Bright White Latex Balloons

Red Balloons | Blue Balloons | White Balloons

Prefer simplicity? Line three custom labeled Jones Soda bottles down the center of your table. Add just a few red, white and blue flowers in each.

Red White Blue Jones Soda

Jones Soda

DIY Centerpieces

Looking for activities to fill the hot days of summer? Make DIY 4th of July centerpieces a family project.

Red Metal Decorative Bucket Flower Vases   Red white blue pom poms

Red Metal Decorative Bucket Flower Vases | Red Steel VaseTissue Paper Pom Poms

or DIY 

Blue Tissue Paper  Red Tissue Paper

Blue Tissue Paper (8 sheets) | Red Tissue Paper (8 sheets) | Pipe Cleaners

Paper to Petal - How to Make Paper Flowers   Paper Blooms - How to Make Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers | Tissue Flower Kits

Patriotic Place Cards

Patriotic Place Card with Flag    Patrioitic table cards

Free Printable Patriotic Place Card with Flag | Printable Patriotic Table & Place Cards

. Patriotic Napkin Rings

We love using keychains  as napkin rings! or keep it simple with red, white and/or blue rings. They need not match.

Patriotic Napkin Rings

Patriotic Napkin Rings

USA Key Rings | Red & Blue Beaded Napkin Rings | Patriotic Napkin Rings

Patriotic Candles

Most venues supply tea-lights and holders but if yours does not, consider purchasing some. The play of light makes a difference. Place at least three on each table

Red White & Blue Patriotic Candles

Red White & Blue Patriotic Candles

Create a Patriotic Feel at Home

Patriotic Paper Goods

red_plastic_cutlery       white_plastic_cutlery       blue plastic cutlery

Red, White & Blue Cutlery

Patriotic Party Decorations & Props

Food for your Presidents Day & Other Patriotic Celebrations

Even if you are not entertaining consider treating yourself to these delicious hand-dipped patriotic star spangled berries, cookies, candied apples, chocolates, and popcorn samplers.

 Presidents Day & Patriotic Party Fun & Games

Patriotic Truck Parade Kit

 Patriotic Truck Kit

    Patriotic Duck   Red Plastic Party Drink Chiller

 Rubber Duck | Beverage Tub

Carnival Game – Float ducks in a beverage tub. Take a black sharpie and mark WIN on bottom of a few ducks  for chance to win a prize.

Spirit Of America Party Kit

Spirit of America Party Kit

4th of July Photo Booth Props

Patriotic Photo Booth Props

 Presidents Day & Patriotic Printable Games

       Patriotic Costumes and Accessories

Costumes and accessories are a great way to seamlessly add a fun element of entertainment to your Presidents Day and patriotic celebrations.

Display the American Flag

And most importantly, don’t forget to display your America Flag. If you don’t yet own an American Flag, order one today to ensure its arrival prior to Presidents Day.

American Flag

American Flag

Party Hearty!

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