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Sweeten Your Party with a Candy Buffet

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Candy Buffet

Sweeten Your Party with a Candy Buffet

Are you stuck on what desserts you want to serve at your special occasion? Do you want something colorful, fun, and full of variety? Why not create a spectacular candy buffet full of delectable sweets and sugary treats? There are so many creative and imaginative ways to display candies, and we’re going to share some of our absolute favorites!

Once you’ve chosen your party theme colors, choosing your sweets for your candy bar should be fairly easy. We suggest you do a dry run with your empty containers to see how your chosen vessels look on your candy buffet. You’ll want your tallest vessel or decoration either in the center, or two tall vessels on the outside edges, with your smaller vessels near the front of the table. This will bring symmetry to your candy bar.

Choosing Your  Candy Containers

But how do you know what vessels to purchase without knowing what candies you want? The answer is simple: Pick the containers you like and your candy choices will enhance the style and shape of the vessels on your candy buffet. Here are a few examples to help get you started.

  1. Fill pedestaled apothecary jars, full of brightly colored candy coated chocolates or jelly beans about three-quarters the way full. Top with rock candy sticks or whirly pops.
  2. Penny candy jars are a great way to display brightly colored gumballs.
  3. A cupcake or dessert stand are also great ways to add height to your candy bar.
  4. flared container is an excellent choice to fill with stick candies or individual wrapped candies like salt water taffy. And
  5. Trifle bowls in various sizes are perfect choices for filling with chocolate candies and inserting lollipops.

Candy Scoops

Have colorful candy scoops available so guests can fill coordinating treat cups or paper favor bags with the confections of their choosing. These can often be customized with personalized party labels for an extra special touch and also make great edible keepsakes. Treat cups or ice cream cups can also be filled with a mixture of sweets and placed near the front of your candy buffet to give your guests an option for a quick “grab and go” while they are mingling with other guests.

With the right mixture of candies, containers, and table decorations, you can turn an unremarkable area of your event into a dazzling centerpiece of sweet deliciousness!

Remember decorative candy jars make for yummy party favors filled with sweetness!

Candy Buffet Kits & Supplies

Oh wow!  Look what we just found >> DIY Candy Buffet Kits that take all the guess work out of planning your sweets table. The kit featured was specifically designed for baby showers but any pastel themed party will work.

Candy Themed Party Supplies

As much as we generally prefer not to use paper products, we are loving these candy party plates and napkins!

And how beautifully would these ombre plates complement your candy buffet!

And be sure to check out our most scrumptious party theme, Everything Sweet

Party Hearty!

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