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Burlap Silverware Holders

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Featured Burlap Silverware Holders >> Thanksgiving Burlap Cutlery Pocket

Our close friends and occasional PIP contributors, Vicki and Paige, landed in Waco, Texas for a fun week in search of all things fabulous. It did not take them long to discover a set of wonderful burlap silverware holders. We hate to admit it but this was our first encounter with utensil holders and we are smitten. So of course, we felt compelled to spend a couple of of hours researching burlap utensil pockets and then decided to share a few of our favorites with you. We envision  using cutlery pockets for weddings, bridal & baby showers, and birthday & dinner parties . We also think burlap cutlery holders could really add that sometime elusive but all so important little splash of wow to your Thanksgiving tables!

Burlap Silverware Holders

Fall & Thanksgiving Cutlery Pockets

Christmas Silverware Holders

Many of these silverware holders can also double as napkin pockets!

DIY Burlap Silverware and Napkin Pockets

If you have the time and feel a bit crafty, these burlap utensil holders are also quite easy to DIY.  All you need is some burlap, a stapler, and a hot glue gun to attach lace or ribbon or buttons or whatever other decorations you like.  Alternatively you might try stamping your design directly onto the burlap or keeping it ultra simple and leaving your cutlery pockets plain.

Party Hearty!

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