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Block Miner & Minecraft Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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Block Minor Birthday Party Ideas

Block Miner & Minecraft Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Is your child (or you) a block miner or minecraft game fanatic?  If so, a Minecraft party is definitely the theme for this year's birthday party. It is unique, colorful, and yes, playful.  All in all a Block Miner Party is your perfect pixelated solution to this year's party theme dilemma. Birthday in a Box's Minecraft party supplies will enable you to bring your vision to fruition with ease.

Block Miner & Minecraft Birthday Invitations

Remember a great invitation creates a sense of anticipation even before the party begins..  Think of all the time your own child spends  looking at those invitations on your refrigerator. It is so easy and affordable to create a memorable invitation with all of the printable downloads available today.

Block Miner & Minecraft Paper Goods

The most affordable way to customize your block miner party is to use solid party supplies and simply add your own printable minecraft stickers!  Alternatively, you might like these pixel paper plates!

 Minecraft Party Supplies  Mining Themed Party Supplies

Minecraft& Pixelated Party SuppliesMining Themed Party Supplies

Block Miner & Minecraft Decor

For a kids party we recommend keeping your centerpieces simple >> just throw a few adorable minecraft plush toys on your table with a balloon bouquet and some pixel confetti to add a bit of pop!

   Minecraft Assorted Plush   Pixelated Balloons

Minecraft Assorted Plush Toys | Pixelated Balloons

These Minecraft LED lights were too cool not to include and can be left up long after the party is over!

Block Miner & Minecraft Treats & Favors

Minecraft Party Red Licorice TNT

Minecraft Red Licorice & Printable TNT Labels

Party Activities

These Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mobs Set can work as both party decor and as a fun party activity.

As always we like to end all of our parties with a chance to break the piñata so our guests can take home some loot!

MInecraft Block MIner Party Pinatas

Pinatas >> Treasure Chest | TNTHorse

Party Hearty!

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