Best Valentine’s Day Party Plates & Chic Heart Theme Party Decor

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Best Valentine's Day Party Plates & Chic Heart Theme Party Decor

There is still plenty of time to order your Valentine's Day party plates & paper goods.  Remember even if you aren't hosting a big bash, buy a pack or two of these cute Valentine's Day party plates just so you can create a festive breakfast (think heart shaped waffles!), lunch and dinner for your own family. It would be festive and unexpected – exactly how memories are made.

We also love these all in one Valentines Day party kits that will that will have your guests (and/or family) thinking you spent days driving all over town pulling together chic Valentine's Day decor just to wow them.

Chic Valentines Day Party Decor, Valentine's Day Party Plates & Chic Heart Theme Party Decor

Valentine's Day Party Kits: XOXO and Conversational Hearts

Minted’s party kits have everything you need from personalized banners to vintage straws for your guests to sip your fabulous Valentine’s Day themed Cocktails out of.

We love that you can shop each piece on its own or choose from three levels of packages depending own personal party needs. You provide festive food and a great crowd  and Minted literally takes care of the rest, what could be easier than that?

Don’t let Valentine’s Day pass you by this year, share the love and throw a party to remember!

Party Hearty! 


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