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Best Gift Guide for Yoga Lovers

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Best gift guide for yoga lovers_

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

Best Gift Guide for Yoga Lovers

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New Year New You Health and Fitness Goal

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by Karli

Yoga is spiritually, mentally and physically healing. It's no wonder yoga lovers are so obsessed with it! As yogis ourselves, we decided to curate a list of 25+ of our favorite yoga related products. Each item you see here has been hand-picked with love. We either own or would love to receive any item on this list.

5 Must Haves for Yoga Lovers

5 Must Haves for Yoga Lovers

5 Must Haves for Yoga Lovers

  1. Yoga Clothing & Accessories
  2. Yoga Classes
  3. Equipment to Develop Balance & Endurance
  4. Relaxation & Meditation Props
  5. Body Repair & Care Tools & Supplies

Yoga Clothing

Made of real yoga mats, these shoes are perfect for yogis! Trust us when we say these are some of the COMFIEST shoes in the world. I have worn them every day since I purchased a pair. We recommend these Yoga Shoes to anyone looking for cute and functional shoes in general! It is easy to find the perfect pair with all the different colors and fun design options. These yoga shoes are truly the perfect gift. And they start as low as $6.50!Sanuk Women's Yoga Shoes

Sanuk Women's Yoga Shoes

Funky Yoga Print LeggingsFunky Yoga Print Leggings

Comfortable Yoga LeggingsComfortable Solid Color Yoga Leggings

 Wirefree Seamless Yoga Sports BrasYoga Sports bra

Wirefree Seamless Yoga Sports Bras 

Yoga Thigh Compression Socks

Yoga Thigh Compression Socks >> Compression socks create better circulation and assist in muscle recovery!

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Yoga Accessories

Chakra Necklace With Mala Beads RainbowChakra Necklace With Rainbow Mala Beads

Yoga bracelet holiday present for yogi

Yoga Bracelets

Yoga mats

Yoga Mats >> We believe there is no such thing as owning too many yoga mats (especially when they are as high quality and as cute as these!)

Yoga Bag

Yoga Bag >> Anyone with a yoga mat knows it can be a pain to carry around! This yoga bag is the cute, comfortable and stylish solution!

Yoga Checkbook Covers

Yoga Checkbook Covers

>> There are plenty of great yoga checks available as well! Makes for a great, practical stocking stuffer

Yoga Classes

We absolute love online yoga classes! Specialty programs are perfect for yogis because it allows access to a yoga teacher no matter where you are. This makes the perfect gift for yoga lovers who are constantly traveling or any yogi who may prefer to practice from home.

Yoga For Families

Yoga for Families: Connect with Your Kids DVD | More Family Yoga Ideas!

Gifts for the Yoga Lover to Improve Balance & Endurance

It is important to practice balance in your professional and personal life. It is also crucial to practice balance while on your yoga mat. We have put together some of our favorite products and tools to help build core strength and elevate a yogi's sense of balance and ease.Yoga Stability Exercise Ball

Yoga Stability Exercise Ball
Sportneer Wooden Board For Balance

Wooden Board for Balance >> Equal parts fun and challenging!

Endurance is a huge aspect of yoga. One must practice on and off the mat in order to improve form and capability. Luckily, there are various awesome products we have found that help build endurance. Some of these products are classics and all of them are must haves!Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands



Medicine BallMedicine Balls

Medicine Ball

Relaxation & Meditation Props

At the end of the day, any physical exercise will take a toll on the body. In order to receive the most from a yoga practice, one must take the time to decompress and relax as well. That is why we have put together some of our favorite relaxation and meditation products!

Zen Breeze Diffuser For Essential Oils

Zen Breeze Diffuser For Essential Oils
Radha Aromatherapy Essential Oil Sampler Kit

Radha Aromatherapy Essential Oil Sampler Kit

We highly recommend giving the gift of a diffuser and essential oils! Essential oils are known for their calming, healing and restorative properties. Simply fill the diffuser with water, choose an essential oil, put a few drops in and then press “on”. We love the Zen Breeze diffuser because you can choose from 14 different colors depending on your mood AND you are able to set a 1 hour, 3 hour or 6 hour timer for the oil to continue being diffused. This combination makes for a thoughtful, lovely gift and everyone we have given one to absolutely raves about it.

Premium Incense Sticks

Premium Incense Sticks
Meditation Incense Burner Lotus FlowerMeditation Incense Burner Lotus Flower

Chakra Rainbow Room Decor

Chakra Rainbow Room Decor

11 Pieces Crystals For Healing Chakra Kit

11 Pieces Crystals For Healing Chakra Kit

Crystals are known for their restorative properties. Yogis love crystals because each one has a different color, texture and meaning! Crystals provide comfort and are so pretty and nice to have around. We love these crystals because they are beautiful and small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. 

Body Repair & Care Tools & Supplies

In addition to taking a break mentally, it is important to make sure to allow your physical body to rest as well.

Foam Rollers

Foam Rollers >> So good for muscle recovery! This is an absolute must have

Acupressure Foot Massager

Acupressure Foot Massager

Yoga Self Massage Tool

Yoga Self Massage Tool

Intensive Concentrate For Inflammation

Intensive Concentrate For Inflammation

Acupressure Mat

Acupressure Mat

Natural Activated Charcoal Face Scrub Body Scrub

Natural Activated Charcoal Face Scrub Body Scrub >> Perfect for keeping your skin clean and glowing after a yoga class!

Be sure to check back often as we will be updating this page whenever we find great new gifts.

Party Hearty!

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