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Best Food Gifts for the Holidays >> The Fruit Company Holiday Gift Tower

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Best Get - The Fruit Company Holiday Gift TowerYesterday (December 6, 2012) I opened my front door and had a wonderful surprise waiting for me.  Jed over at The Fruit Company had sent me The Fruit Company Holiday Gift Tower to review.  In full disclosure, companies send me “stuff” all the time and very seldom do they make it onto Party Idea {Pros}.  We only post reviews of products we would buy ourselves and 100% recommend to others.

Let's start with the presentation of The Fruit Company Holiday Gift Tower

  • This gift tower is very lovely – large enough to be impressive but not so big as to be gauche. The red, green and white boxes and ribbon capture the holiday spirit perfectly.  We especially like that all the boxes coordinate rather than match.  This gives the entire presentation a modern, chic sensibility.The Fruit Company Holiday Gift Tower - Apples, Nuts & Truffles

The contents of The Fruit Company Holiday Gift Tower

  • 1 Pecan, Cherry, Hazelnut Truffles – 3 oz – DELICIOUS – so good in fact that before I had even unpacked all the rest of the boxes, my family had devoured the chocolates.
  • 1 Chocolate Covered Cherries – 4 oz. – These are quite good, if you like cherries in your candy.  Personally, it is not my thing but the chocolate around the cherries was to die for.
  • 1 Mixed Nuts – 4 oz. – Very fresh with just enough salt to satisfy me but not too much salt for my mother-in-law who prefers unsalted nuts.

The fruit was all yummy – among the very best we have ever received.  For a change none of it was over-ripe!

  • 2 Fuji Apple(s) –
  • 3 Bosc Pear(s) –
  • 3 Comice Pear(s)

Best The Fruit Company Holiday Gift Tower Gift Recipients

  • Business customers and colleagues
  • Friends
  • Family – My husband's parents send us food gifts every year for the holidays.  We will definitely add The Fruit Company to our list of favorites!
  • Welcome gifts – if you are having any out of town guests stay at local hotels this holiday season, these are perfect gifts to have delivered to their room.  Add a bottle of water and your guests will be set for a quick snack or light healthy breakfast.

Final Thoughts

Would we recommend The Fruit Company's Holiday Gift Tower?  Absolutely YES –  definitely one of our best gets of this holiday season!


We just checked and it looks like The Fruit Company has updated their Holiday Gift Tower boxes!  We love the new look and love the fact they haven't changed the contents too much or the great quality!

Party Hearty!

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