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Beading Party & Jewelry Making Party Ideas & Supplies

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This morning as I was watching the morning news shows, sipping coffee and enjoying our incredible San Diego summer, I felt almost saddened that many Americans will be forced to spend these last few weeks of summer vacation indoors due to inclement weather. So of course this got me thinking. I called the creative team together and posed today's challenge – Let's create a fun indoor end of summer gal party that can be tailored to kids, teens, college coeds, or even moms needing a break. After a bit of brainstorming we unanimously decided upon a Beading & Jewelry Making Party.

Create playful, stylin' back to school jewelry or get a jump start on creating DIY holiday gifts

Keep the actual crafting fairly simple so there is plenty of time for sipping, socializing, and nibbling.

Beading & Jewelry Making Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Beading Party Inspiration

Before we even began thinking about the party details, we immediately turned to Shopbop (our go to shop for all things trendy) for inspiration. We quickly pulled together this jewelry inspiration board so that when we went looking for beading supplies, invitations, and centerpieces we had a clear direction.

Once we looked at the latest in jewelry designs, we turned to Amazon to see if we could replicate or approximate some of the design features currently being sold by top designers often for hundreds of dollars.

Jewelry Making Party Invitations

It was surprisingly difficult to find invitations we deemed festive  enough for this jewelry making party but the five featured beading party invitations meet all our requirements.  They can be printed on any quality paper you desire, they look good, and they set the tone for the entire affair.  Prior to mailing, feel free to glue a few extra gems onto the invitations for a little extra sparkle.

Jewelry Making Theme Party Centerpieces

These interesting, yet affordable jewelry stands would make adorable, practical centerpieces!  Add a few fresh flowers for that extra special festive touch. 

Beading Party Food & Drink Ideas

We love the idea of serving this beautiful Israeli couscous salad.  All the ingredients tossed together look like colored jewels in a bowl.  Cold multi-color pasta salad is a great alternative because it will undoubtedly bring back childhood memories of the hours spent stringing pasta tubes onto yarn to create dress-up jewelry.  These stunning macarons are a perfect little gem of a dessert – beautiful and yummy! And finally little tins filled with personalized M&M's can double as snacks and party favors and later be used for bead storage.

Jewelry Making and Beading Party Food Ideas
Jewelry Making and Beading Party Food Ideas

Party Hearty!

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