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Bandz as Napkin Bands!

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Bandz as Napkin Bands

Bandz as Napkin Bands!


Yes, even though it has been ten years since the bandz craze began, these silicone rubber band bracelets are still available! And our guess is you will soon see a bandz revival. Plus, in our ever so humble opinion, they still  make great napkin bands!

Finally a craze slow in coming to California, yet before it even takes hold, schools and school districts across the country are banning bandz.  The bandz craze seems to have begun in Birmingham Alabama last year and now these rubber band bracelets are flying off shelves throughout the country.  These colorful rubber bands are made of silicone and die molded, come in a variety of shapes and themes, and are manufactured by a handful of vendors. Basically, kids wear them, collect them, and trade them! They come in multi-band packs starting at about $5.00/pack.  Best of all, fun-shaped rubber band bracelets make for great party favors and napkin rings! (Warning:  Choking Hazard!  Not recommended for children under 3 years old!)

So why are they being banned at schools? Basically kids are distracted by the bracelets — fiddling with them and plotting trading strategies, all day, all night.  Occasionally, trades go awry and schoolyard brawls ensue. Should bandz be banned?  And if so, does a ban make them more desirable?  Let us know what you think!

How to use silicone bracelets as napkin bands.

Bandz napkin bands/rings are perfect for both children and adult parties. Whatever your theme, chances are someone has created a coordinating silicone bracelet. Simply wrap a single rubber band tightly around the napkin. Better yet, use multiple bands around each napkin, especially if you wish to encourage trading and add some fun to your party. Watch your guests' delight as they remove their napkins and the bandz revert to their fun original shape.  If we haven't showcased a shape that works with your theme, just leave a comment or email Party Idea Pros and we will do the research for you!

Retired Bandz

Taking a clue from Beanie Babies marketing 101, many of the silicone band manufacturers have recently started retiring their shapes. Although still available (as of 7.20.10), these retired silly rubber bands will be increasingly difficult to find although many times one of their competitors will have a similar style still available. Please let us know if you hear of other retired bandz.

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