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Make 2023 “Legendary” with Halloween Fun!

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Featured Come to Our House Halloween Fun >> Legends of the Hidden Temple Weatherproof Stickers

2023 is the year fun should come back to your house. Families are finding creative ways to celebrate. We chose to re-work our Legendary Father's Day Fun Party for Halloween this year.  We love the idea of going retro and throwing back the clock to the 1990's.  Think Legends of the Hidden Temple or Double Dare or any other 90's TV shows that today's younger parents grew up watching. Now you can not only introduce Mom & Dad's favorite shows to the next generation, parents can act like a kids again, and get away with it.

Plan ahead to create a fun obstacle course and backyard game emporium that the whole family can participate in and continue to enjoy over and over again throughout the fall. Building an obstacle course can be as simple as using pool noodles, duct tape & wooden dowels (see video below). Additionally, this backyard obstacle course is a great way to supplement virtual PE classes.

Although building the backyard obstacle course will take a bit of work to create, the costumes are super easy. all you need to do is order classic Legends of the Hidden Temple shirts and gear for the whole family.

2023 Come to Our House Halloween Fun

Halloween Backyard Fun & Games

Here are a few more DIY backyard game ideas and a few games you can purchase.

We also love this tutorial on how to make your own giant backyard pick-up sticks game. Basically all you need is bamboo stakes and spray paint

And recently we have become obsessed with corn hole bean bag games 🙂

Legends of the Hidden Temple T-Shirts & Gear

The next step is to order classic Legends of the Hidden Temple shirts and gear for the whole family. We bet you the pictures will become this year's holiday card contenders!

Don’t forget the helmets, name tags & protective gear!

Double Dare & GUTS T-Shirts & Gear

If Dad was more of a Double Dare or Guts fan, we have found shirts for him too! Again, proper accessories in the form of protective gear is a must.

  Double Dare T-shirt    Guts T-Shirt

 Double Dare | Guts

End the night Fathers Day fun by showing old home movies of dad or better yet a Nickelodeon Game Show marathon.

New! Legendary Party Supplies and Gifts!

Yes, these playing cards, napkins, hats and other gifts all say Legendary Dad. We originally designed them for Father's Day. For Halloween, just click “edit design” and replace the word “Dad” with the word “Halloween” or even the word “Day”. If you make it a Legendary Halloween, you will also need to adjust the font size but that is easy too. Replacing the word “Dad” with “Day” eliminates the need for expensive edits.

Legendary Dad Party Supplies and Gift Ideas

Legendary Dad Party Supplies and Gift Ideas

We hope this Halloween is not only a stroll down memory lane but also a day that goes down in the memory books!

Party Hearty!

Make this Fathers Day Legendary, Legends of the Hidden Temple Fathers Day

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