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Adult Coloring Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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In honor of National Coloring Book Day we have put together a handy guide to organizing a coloring party appropriate for adults or friends and family of any age

Just last week we featured Color-In Kids Thank You Notes partially because we believe in the importance of teaching thank you note etiquette from a very young age and partially because we are obsessed with coloring. You know those restaurants that have paper tablecloths and offer crayons for the kids >> well we are the first to reach for the crayons. We create giant doodles mostly because we love coloring them in.

As it turns out, we are not the only ones who love to color. Coloring for grown-ups is all the rage right now, and coloring parties for adults is quickly surpassing the popularity of the pottery painting parties ten years ago, or so. The difference is that with coloring parties, the costs are minimal. All you need is a pack or two of sharpened colored pencils and pages to color. And of course a few snacks and cocktails or mocktails. Coloring parties are a fun theme for a low key girls nights in or gal pal birthday parties or even baby and bridal showers. Just choose your coloring pages based on your theme.

Adult Coloring Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Coloring Party Invitations

Invitations really do set the tone for the party! We highly recommend hand coloring just a little bit of the front of these invitations before you mail them out!

Coloring Party Supplies & Favors

Adult Coloring Book Party Supplies

Adult Coloring Book Party Supplies >> Colored Pencils|Adult Coloring Books | Mini Adult Coloring Books | Colored Markers | Crayons

Here is a little known factoid >> Currently, adult coloring books account for a  quarter of the Top 20 best-selling books on Amazon.  In addition to Amazon's coloring books, What Mommy Does' has also put together a collection of25 Free Printable Adult Coloring-Pages! And finally, there are lots of printable coloring pages available for a small fee on Etsy.

NEW! We also love these coloring books filled with  insightful quotes and beautiful coloring pages!

And the personalized versions are finally here!

We love the idea of gifting your guests a vial of bath salts to promote continued relaxation once home. It is perfectly fine to break up the set and send each of your girlfriends home with a single vial.  Add a coordinating ribbon for that extra “cute”.

Coloring Party Decor

How cute would this Sangria Bouquet look as table decor? Basically any party decor brimming over with color is perfect for this coloring party theme.

Ombre Macaron Cake with sparklers
Ombre Macaron Cake with Sparklers

And don't forget the drinks!  Both Izze Sparkling Juices & Jones Soda comes in lots of different colors & flavors!

Colorful Beverages
Colorful Beverages >> Izze Sparkling Juices | Jones Soda

And if you want to serve cocktails, think color. We are obsessed with these rainbow layered cocktails. Who knew there is an actually a rainbow cocktail layering tool!

Party Hearty!

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