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50% OFF Holiday Cards and Invitations on Zazzle

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50% OFF Holiday Cards and Invitations on Zazzle

Now that Halloween is behind us it is definitely time to begin thinking about this year's Christmas cards and invitations and looking for any and all special discounts and deals available.  And voila – in steps Zazzle with its ever changing but always clearly visible, on site, promo codes, often with discounts up to 50% OFF! 

The good news is that although the promo codes are constantly changing, as are the products they apply to, if you refresh the page every few days you will almost surely find an opportunity to stock up on other invitations or cards you may need throughout the year.  In addition to holiday parties, think birthday parties, baby showers, proms, and Quinceanera, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, and Sweet Sixteen celebrations.

Party Hearty!

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