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5 Reasons We Love Custom Stamps and Embossers

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Custom Self-Inking Square Stamp, Custom Stamps and Embossers

Custom Stamps and Embossers >> Shutterfly Self-Inking Stamps

5 Reasons We Love Custom Stamps and Embossers

By Adrienne

We love self-inking, customizable stamps and embossers from Shutterfly, Zazzle, and a host of other merchants for so many reasons! In this post, we are outlining just a few of the ways they make great wedding, housewarming and “just because” gifts. Scroll down

1. Weddings >> Custom Stamps and Embossers

Many newlyweds find themselves moving into a new home after getting married. Receiving one of these elegant stamps will make it that much easier (and more fun) when they send out change-0f-address cards.

2. Housewarmings >> Custom Stamps and Embossers

Personalized Return Address Stamp, Custom Stamps and Embossers

Return Address Stamp Style #82

These stamps and embossers make for great housewarming gifts. The stamps come with ink cartridges that are good for up to 1000 uses! That's sure to be ample supply for sharing new addresses with friends and family.

3. Hosts/Hostesses >> Custom Embossers and Stamps

Address Embosser, Custom Stamps and Embossers

Order a Custom Embossing Stamp from Zazzle Order a Custom Embosser from an Etsy Seller 

A personalized embosser makes for a beautiful host/hostess gift. Give your friends the gift of something personal that they can use for years to come.

4. Graduations >> Custom Stamps and Embossers

Know a soon-to-be college grad? Well, chances are they'll be moving out of the dorms and into the real world. Celebrate their achievements–and their new pad–by letting them stamp their way into this new and exciting phase!

5. All Those Thank You Notes >> Custom Embossers and Stamps


One for you, one for me, right? We think so! While picking out stamps for your friends and family, pick one that you love, too. A customized stamp adds a personal touch to those thank you notes you write all year long–and just think of all the extra time you'll have now that you don't have to write out your return address!

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Custom Self Inking Stamps from Zazzle

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